Gameforge mods unfairly banning accounts

Apparently you can have someone’s game account banned with Gameforge, simply make a forum account under a similar name to someone else’s and pretend to be them. Shortly after you’ll receive a forum account ban, both on your account and the person you impersonate, along with a threat to close also the victim’s in-game account. Go try!

Feels as if GF are staffing 10 year old kids.

Massive GM corruption and abuse of power at Gameforge

This European publisher we were forced into keeps reaching new lows of how bad they manage the company and the staff they choose to run it.

A few days ago someone was banned in Telemachus, simply for gliding the fear inside 1-1 arena. The sm in question was a member of the legion UnderG, well known for having a GM playing with them, so either that sm was the GM, or he told their GM right away, seeing as the other player got banned before the arena was even over, he got force dc’ed mid arena and next login attempt he was already banned.

Upon contacting support they were reticent at first: the support guy said he was unsure about gliding to avoid fear was an exploit but that he would trust the other GMs who did the ban. Upon further moving things around and talking to the CM, he got unbanned, as the issue gained some awareness.

More details:

So be aware, legion UnderG in Telemachus has a GM playing with them who’s abusing his power, keep this in mind whenever you see a member around.


Small update to 1,5 build 15005

  • Fixed: issue with live filters when clearing data after using a class/mob filter, list appeared empty from then on.
  • Improved support for russian client (through Innova with US data pack).
  • Added PVP filter button to skills window.

1.5 beta

Major changes in this update:

  • Updated NotAion launch code to work with their recent server change.
  • Added options to popup-menus in skills window to sum selected/all hits in the upper box.
  • Improved the copy format for skills in the skills window.
  • Added “Extended” menu to copy damage data beyond the 255-character limit of Aion client (can’t paste in-game).
  • Screenshots: fixed the issue where the screenshots contained the ARM window or the screenshotter itself if it launched over the Aion client (common issue to players with a single monitor).

Big addition: live filters

“Graphs/Analysis” menu has been removed in favor of a live version of the filters, which you can apply anytime to the current view, so new incoming data will also be filtered by class/mobs. Added also a button to show only PVP damage (without removing PVE data as was the case before). The copy data functions will also work with the filters, giving data only about the filtered view.

It hasn’t been¬†thoroughly¬†tested so beta status for now, please report any issues/bugs.