Gameforge is faking support tickets reception

Thought GF “support” couldn’t get any worse?

Seems like Gameforge is now limiting users to 5 tickets for every few days, and if you send one more they give a receipt acknowledgement as usual, “thank you for contacting blah blah”, but the ticket does not really get created, if you check tickets list it’s not there, it’s always a mystery whether a ticket you sent has been received and processed or not. Those that don’t make it (but they say as if it did), are lost forever while the users think their tickets have been received.


  • Improved a bit the issue with ARM giving clipboard errors “access denied”
  • Setting “auto copy AP” is now saved when closing ARM
  • Fixed the numbers formatting, it will display as 123,456 now overriding your regional settings. This was added a while back but never really worked.
  • New feature: send hacker reports straight from ARM.

This new feature only works for Gameforge at the moment, and it’s not thoroughly tested but should work fine. You can right-click on a player’s box and select “Send hacker report”, then ARM will fill in the data for you and ready to send, so you don’t have to go through their website and click a million places to send a ticket. You will need an account for the support area. I suggest you don’t use your game account password for this, as their support site is even less secure than their other areas. ARM simulates the entire brower/cookie etc process to send the tickets.

Note also that Gameforge severely limits the amount of tickets you can send within a given amount of time, so it’s possible you send a ticket and it’s not really assigned anywhere. When this happens (either through ARM or their website), they give the same message “thank you for contacting blah blah” with no error or anything, but then the ticket does not exist when you check the history.

ARM report

(old screenshot, don’t mind the double http link ^^)

Gameforge still harassing the players

Nothing changes, Gameforge staff are still harassing and unjustly banning their customer on a daily basis.

A quick look on just the 1st page of the General forum.. a player posts a good-bye post: he gets banned (notice the lock on his avatar) because the staff don’t tolerate any criticism about their non-existent support.

  • the game quality degrade day by day.
  • The GF attitude I dont like. The support is not the right one, closing tickets with poor explanation or nothing. Many of you had to post here and ask help for your thicket, and this is bad.

Part of his post was even removed by the corrupt mods who harrass the players everyday; every other user in the thread agreed on what he said.

when NC soft owned aion the game was a million times better

The mods again go on telling lies that the game “was more limited” with NC, when it’s all the other way around. Of course, if you try to question this, you get banned.

what was the limitations in Aion EU when it was p2p under ncsoft? we had a sub each month just like you got the gold pack to buy each month, we did not get banned from forums we was respected as a player base we got full patches, we did not have the CDs you got, we could use the brokers, we could use NPC, we could gather what we wanted, we could craft what we wanted, we could talk in chat, we played a normal game just had 1 sub each month to pay,

and the gold pack has already been said it does not work for gold spammers or bots by far to many players to show you it does not work.

Gameforge lacked security, it got alot of players hacked, wich is their fault and cost them a bit of reputation once more.
Gameforge said not to go P2W, the Goldpack system would be their income, the game has gone P2W though…
Gameforge gives us only half the content of updates… Why? That’s the point, they won’t even give a valid reason, just some lame excuse.

I could go on a while, but Gameforge really ruined it for themselfs, they managed to lose alot of veteran players


Update 1.6


  • ARM shutting down
  • Error with Euro servers when relogging a character “”” is not a valid.. “
  • Templar recognized as sin (gameforge fault with wrong skill names)
  • Damage from TF instance at boss where you are transformed moved to Unknown
  • Additional fixes for boss and mob skill names for the 3.5 client
  • “Wow” bars style
  • Item library/item descriptions when you loot. Some items didn’t translate from [item….] into their correct names, this is now fixed.

Note that the item library is using the correct US client names, the European version has modified a lot of item names with nonsense stuff (cloth gloves=gauntlets, chest=doublet.. srsly? -.-)

Update #2:

  • Fixed wow style display, no text if you unchecked the margin option
  • Fixed displaying PVP data in arenas with anon players “Contestant x”


Update this week

There will be an update this week with these fixes:

  • ARM shutting down
  • Error with Euro servers when relogging a character “”” is not a valid.. “
  • Templar recognized as sin (gameforge fault with wrong skill names)
  • Damage from TF instance at boss where you are transformed will be removed
  • Additional fixes for boss and mob skill names for the 3.5 client
  • “Wow” bars style

Possibly also bringing back hacker detection module and warnings.

Gameforge cuts 4h off 3.2 update arena times

Missing content in their “3.5” update:

  • no FTS
  • no cross-server instancing
  • no high level rifting
  • no customer support/GMs even for paying customers
  • 4 hours of arena time:

US: 10-14, 16-20, 22-02
EU: 12-14, 18-20, 22-02 (even weekends)

That’s a big slap in the face for people with jobs and more limited time for the arenas.

Retarded decisions as usual by the biggest failure in the history of Aion publishers.

More user accounts hacked in Europe, GF’s at fault again



Another account has been hacked under similar circumstances as what happened a while ago, where GF own staff are suspected of stealing player accounts. Almost 3 days gone by, the user has not received a single reply from support.

More failure from already beyond fail company, no DF in 3.5

It wasn’t enough that we won’t be getting the FTS even in the –upcoming– 3.5, it seems we won’t even get the Dungeon Finder feature for cross-server instances in Europe.

And it doesn’t stop there. They keep lying about the reasons, just like they do about the FTS, they tried to justify it with some nonsense excuses about “imbalance” and a random bunch of reasons which don’t make any sense to anyone, when the reason was clear and later confirmed by some of the staff: they are incapable of setting it up on the technical side:

2013-01-08 - 01.12.57 ~ capture

2013-01-08 - 01.19.18 ~ capture