Threats from Gameforge support staff

A friend got me this earlier, he sent a report about a hacker, just to be threatened cause they are incapable of doing their job properly.

2013-03-11 - 02.42.23 ~ capture

^ What does that tell us?

  • They think there is a possible violation reflected in combat logs
  • But they either can’t check the server data or don’t want to
  • They will take videos which can be easily faked and edited before actual server data
  • They are unaware most noanimation hacks can’t be observed in videos

So my friend replied asking why they can’t just check the server logs with the timestamps provided and match the data, since it’s not feasible to have fraps recording 24/7, only to be threatened by the staff as they know they are in the wrong:

2013-03-11 - 02.47.36 ~ capture

^ translation: “we are clueless, dumb, lazy, and incapable of doing anything about hackers, and we’ll ban your account so we don’t have to admit it”.

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