NA Data.pak for EU 5.1 is here

This took more work than usual since NA are still on 5.0, so I couldn’t just take their files and swap them, I made a special app to “convert” the EU pak , getting all the NA data I wanted while keeping the new items from EU 5.1.

Get it on the downloads page!

Update for 5.1, NA pak

  • Added a setting on Main Settings/Launcher>”Remove daily offers…” to remove the shop window that appears next to the EU 5.1 broker (only works if you launch Aion from ARM)
  • Added a warning for 64-bit client launch (5.1 is a mess, use 32-bit for now)
  • New .mss (Magic Supression) mob data for 5.1 EU

I have a 5.1 NA Data.pak ready which I’m currently testing.


Gameforge gives ~2K game-breaking potions.. to just a few players

Maybe you haven’t heard about this if you don’t visit the forums or check their website much, this is what happened:

For the birthday event Gameforge gave everyone 2000 Cellatu pots, 1k for HP, 1k for MP, unaware that these pots also remove 3 debuffs as opposed to just 2 with the normal ones. Upon realizing their “mistake” they decided to take 95% of the pots away on the next maintenance, leaving players with just 50 of each.

Cellatu pots

So what happened? they didn’t put much thought into the script that would run through the database to check players’ inventory and remove the items: some players who had a large amount of the pots previously obtained through their wallet (buying keys for shugo etc) had ALL of their pots taken away, even 4K of them, but the worst part… the script didn’t check for all of the inventory slots, it stopped after finding these pots in 1, so if someone had split theirs in separate stacks.. only one of the stacks got removed:

So imagine someone doing something like this, maybe in piles of 50 each:


they would get to keep 950 of the pots, x2 = 1900 of these OP pots vs the rest of players who were left with 50, creating a situation of huge unfair disadvantage vs those with the 50 vs those who kept most.

How did GF fix it? they didn’t, they won’t, they said they will leave this as is, nice huh.

we decided to not run another removal of the items

we checked the numbers of how many players were actually affected by this and

^ “we know who kept them but can’t be arsed to fix our mistake”

this was our mistake and we want to apologize for the situation. We hope for your understanding.

Yeah well, our “understanding” won’t fix the unfair situation you created for us, so go and fix it, this is inexcusable.

Small fix

  • Fix: Transparent Display option was not being saved properly, when you exited ARM it would open again as transparent even if you exited in normal mode.


  • Some fixes for SM skills (NA only)
  • “Pure-dps” mode under Settings: with this enabled, only damage/dps data will be processed, no chat features, in-game commands, exp/ap etc will be processed, only damage. Try this if you find ARM being slow at large sieges, it should be several times faster to process data.
  • Improvements/fixes for the player warnings feature (when people in your Player DB apply to your group recruit or join)
  • EU Login in the launcher: now you can add your username and password to the launch process so that you won’t need to enter it when you load the game:


This works by simply adding your login to the command-line parameters of the launch (you can do this with a bat file as well). However, caution is required here, don’t use this on shared computers/net cafes etc. While your password is encrypted in the settings file, using your own hdd/ssd characteristics (someone stealing your settings file still would not be able to login with your account, the decrypted password would be wrong), if someone has access to your computer and they launch Aion through ARM, they could use some tool to check the command-line arguments passed to the game and see your password.

Further note on this feature: launching a 2nd client through ARM will not use the login if one client is already running, so that it won’t get you disconnected on the first one.


  • Fixed some SM skills not being parsed (Cyclone servant, Wind Servant, Erosion skills)
  • Added “.cleardmg” command to clear only damage (without removing players)
  • “Click-through” renamed to “Transparent Display” in the UI menu
  • Added a switch to the default UI style: “Show Received dmg”
  • Added damage effect from 5.0 fire transform skill for NA/EU
  • Improved parsing of gunner’s “Aion’s Favor” skill (NA)
  • “.tr” now opens the faction translation tool if no text is supplied
  • Improved/fixed “clipboard access denied” errors when copying/cutting commands in-game
  • .check now includes the date the player was added (if any)
  • Added 3 custom hotkeys for which you can select one of these actions:
    * Copy EXP (.exp)
    * Clear Damage (.cleardmg)
    * Open Log Capture Window
    * Open Players Dabatase (.db)
    * Open Faction Translator (.tr)
    * Save Session


  • Added Immobilization godstone procs
  • .switch command: cycle through current UI switches
  • .alpha (50-255) command: change app transparency
  • The active UI switch will now be remembered after you restart ARM
  • Fixed relics AP count when processing manual chat logs
  • UI click-through mode will now be remembered when you restart the app
  • Added AP switch to default UI mode

small update

  • Fixed some bard skills that stopped working since the Aion 5.0 / ARM 2.5 release
  • Added some variables for UI styles:
    $exp$: gained EXP
    $kinah$: gained Kinah
    $mobs$: mobs killed
    $kills$: pvp kills
  • Added UI style settings parameter: ForceAlpha (50-255, force app transparency)
  • Some small bug fixes and performance improvements

Also made a little video showing the basics on how to make your UI styles: