ExitLag lowers your ping and improves stability



Are you tired of high ping and lag spikes in Aion and other games? Exitlag gives you an unrivaled experience reducing your ping and making your connection to the game more stable than you could ever have in normal conditions. We all know how important ping is in Aion and generally with online games. The game publishers can’t offer you a dedicated route to their servers, leaving you at the mercy of your ISP routing the connection through much longer paths than what would be optimal for gaming.

ExitLag benefits:

  • Support for over 500 games
  • Choose your preferred route or let the software automatically pick the best one for you
  • Play in other regions by choosing a server close to their locations (EU, NA, Asia etc), for example for Aion in Korea or Japan
  • Multiple connections: if one goes down or suffers from spikes, ExitLag will automatically keep you connected and switch to a faster route
  • Great support through ticketing system or directly in their Discord servers
  • You can easily request new games to be added, even private servers
  • Browse as if you were in a different country, kinda like a VPN for your browser
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Boost game performance by automatically optimizing your system
  • Limit network bandwidth from other apps that might slow down your game connection

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3.86 update

  • Updated retail EU and NA data
  • Added new feature: “web service xml feed plugin”

You can use this plugin to enable a local web server with live (1s update) data with the top 10 players and their last 10 skills/hits