More hackers banned in Europe.

A lot more script cheaters seem to be getting banned last couple weeks, thanks to reports from the warnings given by the meter and other sources. Gameforge seems to be finally taking this very seriously. So get your fraps ready when arm gives you a hacker warning and report, one by one they will all fall :) The warnings were quite controversial at first and obviously most of the hackers complained and tried to defend themselves saying it was bs etc, but now we are being proved right ^^



0.97 beta

  • Added a check for Gold Package remaining time (European servers only). When it’s below 24 hours it will give you a warning (688 used as a test for the screenshot, it will warn only when below 24). For this to work, you must have the meter running before logging in/switching characters.
  • Added some visual styles, you can switch through the menu Settings/Visual Styles


  • Fixed player gear search to reflect the recent merge in US servers. Please enter settings/main settings to check you selected the right server.

Small update to 0.96

  • Updated hacker lists for Telemachus and Nexus.
  • Fixed an issue with the faction translator from Asmo to Elyos.
  • Session loading is now smoother.
  • Added “Help/Redownload latest update” , you can use this in case something went wrong while updating.
  • Added new feature Data/Class filters, to remove all classes from the current list except the one picked; useful in sieges to compare class dmg.
  • The updater is now embedded in the main arm executable, to ease updates of the.. updater. It will be extracted to “Appdata/Aion RainMeter” when needed automatically (antivirus might give a warning).

Processing speed

Been testing the parser speed in last couple sieges, and after theĀ optimizationĀ and debug code removal in last few versions it’s now barely using any cpu. Even with yesterday’s siege showing around 600 players, processing of data was still smooth :) You can check this with Settings/Show processing time. This will show how long it needs in ms to process data every second tick, and how many lines per second are being checked. If it would reach 1000+ it means it can’t cope with the amount of data and dps numbers will be off and innacurate, but so far I haven’t seen it over 100-200.

Bans in Telemachus

Finally, Gameforge is starting to take action on the rampant hackers ruining the European servers. I got notice several players were banned yesterday following reports from the warnings given by ARM of hackers in server Telemachus. So please keep it up, continue reporting all those players you see using script hacks like no-animation, teleports, glidehacks and anything suspicious. It’s really nice to see GF willing to do something about the mess left behind by NC :)




  • Updated hackers DB.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game commands related to date/time when using Greek regional settings.

small update to 0.95

  • Added french servers
  • Improved parsing of pvp hits
  • Removed a debug message that triggers sometimes with godstone hits
  • Fixed an issue with “show only group/ally” where it didn’t register your own hits
  • Added a visual hint when “show only group..” is enabled
  • Added an updater so you dont need to reinstall everytime: