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Frenquently Asked Questions

  • Is this legal/allowed by the EULA?

Yes, both Gameforge and NCsoft have approved its use

  • How does it work?

First it needs you to have the chat.log file enabled. This is a file generated by the Aion client, which contains all the combat/chat text that you already see in-game if you enable all the chat options under a tab. There is no extra information in the file than what is already provided in-game. The parser then loads the log file and checks for any changes, analyzing the content to build up the damage/dps information. Simple as that, just as if you would read the info on-screen yourself or load the log in Notepad; the meter does not interact with the Aion client memory at all, so it’s completely safe to use.

  • How is the chat.log file enabled?

With the latest version of the program, it can be done easily through the settings window with a simple button click. To do so, it adds the following line to the system.cfg file:
g_chatlog = “1”
This can also be achieved through another mechanism provided by the game, by making a file called “system.ovr” with the same setting; the game client will read it and modify the system.cfg file on its own.

  • How does it recognize player classes?

When a new player is detected, it tries to match the skills they use with a list of skills/class; in cases like shared skills between cleric/chanter, sorc/sm, it waits until it finds a unique skill of a given class before deciding which it is.

  •  Is the damage/dps information 100% accurate?

No. The log file is severely lacking, starting from missing information like start/end of skill times. Specially difficult is assigning dots/servants/delayed damage/godstone and similar hits to the players, because most of the data doesn’t contain information about who it belongs to, except for the initial dot hit. In some cases you will get incorrect or incomplete data, such as when 2 same-class players cast a dot on 2 different mobs with the same name; also during Sieges, a lot of this data can’t be assigned to their respective casters;  most of that data will be assigned to a virtual player called “-Unknown-“.

  • How can I see all my skills/hits?

Either right-click on your player display window “Me” and select “Skills list”, or double-click on anywhere within the player’s display boundaries.

  • How can I copy dps data from a player or from everyone?

You can type “.dmg” or “.hit” in-game, and the details will be copied to your clipboard, ready to paste. You can also click on Data/Copy All (dmg) or assign a hot-key. To see individual info, you can right-click on the player/copy dmg data.

  • Are crits registered?

Yes and no. All your skill and auto-attack crits are registered and recognized as a crit. For other players the crits damage is still registered, however, their auto-attack crits will not say “CRIT” in the log, but the damage will still be accounted for.

  • How does the AP relics count work?

It is automatic, when you loot a relic AP item, the “AP” counter in the player display will update almost instantly, with their current amount of looted AP. You can copy this data to clipboard by typing “.ap” in game, or through the menu Data/Copy All AP.

  • Does it work with non-English clients?

No, only with the English one. Note that you can still use the English client with French/German/etc servers.

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Hola, I need help with rainy comands in client when I use something like .timer nothing happend, is there something to configure in rainmeter?
best regards Lyo


Hey, just a question: I have a problem with total dmg, just one of my skill dmg is separate from the rest, that’s why i can’t upload dmg on aion pve rank atm. When I try to upload it, an error msg appears to me “Error: Invalid character name” . How can I resolve?


hi i have a big Problem :D i accidentally click on ” click through Display ” and now i cant turn it back how it was >_< pls help me how i can use this awsome Programm like before Q_Q i cant use anything now y_y


Today i have edited the system.cfg before the maintenance.
I updated the client via launcher, and i suspect the cfg was reversed to it’s previous state. But the sys editor can’t open it anymore, just loads for a while and then “MZ” is all it displays. Any solution?


I have an issue where in game commands do not work.

For example I’ll type .dmg or .mss and nothing is pasted to clipboard. However ARM’s in app copy function works fine.

Am i missing something?


How does Rain Meter stop the Aion 5.3 from deleting the Chat.log file every time the game client fires up?


Hello there. I’ve been having an issue with ARM since quite a while ago, just didnt bother to try finding a solution. The problem is that when i want to see the skill list of me or any other player, the letters don’t appear. I don’t mean its empty, because the movable bar to scroll down and up appears, and i can select the rows where registered skills should appear, but it just enlightens the row and nothing else.
Here is a pic:

Do you know any possible cause and/or solution for this? Would really appreciate it, thank you.


Deleting settings.xml fixed it. Thank you!


Since the last update, the UI stopped appearing on my screen. ARM starts up fine but the UI never appears. I’m using a 4k display monitor 3840×2160 resolution with a 200% DPI setting, it worked fine 2 updates ago when you fixed the high resolution and DPI issues.


How does the “copy damage to clipboard” hotkey work? Whenever I seem to use it it appears to not have any effect, and I don’t know why. The reset damage hotkey copies everything to clipboard instead but I can’t view the more advanced stuff if I use that.


Hey, i’m loving this program, but there is a major flaw when typing commands on the chat like .dmg/.tr/.etc etcetc, basicly EVERY command sometimes works, someties it doesnt at all. Its not only me, everyone is complaining :) All my friends taht use it aswell. Althoug, manually going to Data-> Copy dmg or any of the other stuff if you do them manually it works.


PLEASE enable german clients! :o


I’ve got a weird problem, each time i got ARM installed after about 15 minutes of playing AION starts freezing, especially when i use my skills. This problem affects only my main character, and to solve it i need to redownload whole game. I have no idea what’s going on. Can you help me?

Sorry for my English ;c


if i start the rainmeter and the game (in english ofcourse), the copy shortcut “.dmg” doesen’t work. Also when i klick into the rainmeter, the window change. Before the last update, the active window was still aion, no matter what i’ve done in the rainmeter.
I reseted the settings and reinstall the ARM but the problem is still the same

BTW: i have always the lastet update installed



same problem as u and it’s not first time after arm update, i don’t think that ur firewall is involved:/


got the same problem, u got any solution?

i get this error message even if there’s no firewall installed and windows firewall is deactivated


Same problem here. :( Hope it will get fixed soon.


since 2 days i cannot make it work.

says : Error checking for new version (1), check that your firewall…….

or its not the firewall (i even disabled it), nor the antivirus. this occurred while i was playing and since then no way to make it work.

i even un-installed and reinstalled it
this happens to 2 pc’s of mine with 2 different configs.


hello sorry again but is it possible to fix it without changing windows visual style?
i have weak computer lag all with visual style is hard to play + my yes not so good i prefere to see normal black text on white background without much effects to distract.
why is it possible for ARM to display normal text on white background everywhere EXCEPT on skill list details? it must be possible without having to change the windows settings. thank you


Hello , from a while when I right click on names to see skills/list details the window is empty , as well some features that should start from chat , dont work, I did try remake a new chat log , I open game from Bat file inside Aion folder. Thanks in advice for help


Hi. I was running ARM fine and then there was an update. Then I got an error. Something about it not being a valid win32 app. I didn’t know it wasn’t just me, so I uninstalled it and tried downloading it again, but now I keep getting a 0KB file. What am I doing wrong? Why won’t ARM download from your site? I tried Opera, ie, and even my android’s browser. The latter only downloads 334KB every time, so I know the file is there, but what’s keeping me from getting it all?


got arm running fine for a couple days. today aion decided to start censoring my pasting of the dps from arm. whn i do .dmg it is copied to clipboard, i paste it to chat, then when i hit enter nothing appears in chat for any of the other players. anything else i type shows up. it was working fine then mid way through an instance they started blocking it. is there any way around this?


also, wtf ncsoft blocking player dps pasting but letting gold sellers run rampant.


Me and my husband are having the same issue. Everytime we load arms, we are able to load aion from it. Then it tells us that there is a new version of arms available to download. We download it and it closes arms. We turn it on again and it tells us to download the new version of arms again. It does this over and over and over again. What is wrong with our arms?


Tengo un problema, al iniciar el aiondpsmeter, se me cierra solo que no responde dice, y que es el firewall lo desactivo y sigue igual,no lo descarge de esta web porque la pagina de download no iva y lo descargue de otra y lo actualize desde el launcher aiondpsmeter,

Gracias por su respuesta


I was made to understand ARM is supposed to launch Aion on start, but it doesn’t. Am I misunderstanding (meaning, do I need to run the NCSoft launcher anyway), or have I configured something wrong?


Lately when i have ARM opened(great add-on btw I love your features), with the alert system for captain, blinds, silences, etc etc etc, i have noticed that it takes me “out” of the game, as if i was on another page than Aion(running window full screen), so basicaly, any control i use ingame after an alert through ARM, doesnt work and i have to click each time on the game again(since its window full screen theres this little dps drop when you switch to another window and its quite annoying).
Anyone else had that issue?


Everytime I try to launch the Aion client through aion rainmeter it always tells me my login details are invalid, and I have made sure to carefully put in the details, put I have no problems if I use the launcher. Is this a common problem, or am I doing something wrong?


My ARMS has been crashing lately. I’ve tried reinstalling and it still freezes and crashes. I am able to load ARMS and launch Aion. Then it freezes after a minute afterwards. How to fix this now?


guys i have a problem ,
can sommeone help me

message of error is

Core ini error . Please chech in support forum

I cant get it to work. I downloaded and installed. Everything seems fine. Im getting no chat or damage or text in any way form or fashion. When i enable the chatlog it says once aion starts in character it will work. Then it doesnt. So I tried to manually change the config file like you guys have it g_chatlog = “1″. But my only problem is the config file for aion is in a different language no programs recognize so i cant cahnge it, Ive even made another file as specified to override it, but no luck any tips… Read more »

Would it be possible to include total HP healed ?
Healers are a bit in the cold when ppl are talking about ‘look how much dps I’m doing’


hi is there a tool in your progamm what showes atackskills/auto atacks in a diagramm to see how good the player weaves ? bzw aac


It is work on the TaiWan Server?


Can you explain please how to be sure someone is using AionScript or other cheating software , i am really tired of frigging hackers.