Happy Va.. erm… wait, Shop Day


There is a low probability of Petals also dropping from the Magic Fountain gift boxes. This can then be combined with Love Powder, available from 14/2 in the AION Shop, to receive a Special Gift of Magic Blooms.

Did anyone expect otherwise? :-D

Major update: 2.6

Major  new feature: upload your session files to the new Aion PVE rankings website: www.aionpveranks.com

AION PVE Ranks is a damage analyzing tool, which gathers the dealt damage of a Player in AION and compares it to other Players.
Click here to visit the website: https://www.aionpveranks.com

* EU 5.3 update: the new client now disables the chatlog everytime after a restart or relog, so ARM will now try to automatically re-enable it when you start it or when you use Tools/Start. Due to this change, ARM will now require admin-rights to run (for write access to Program Files folders)

* Capture raw log tool: several times faster to load and filter text

* Ranks data: .rank is now much faster to retrieve player ranks. The data will now be displayed as a message on the tray, which you can click to open the website for full details

* Hold Shift when starting Aion to force it to run the 32-bit client

* Added a setting under System to hide/show the ARM window when you take a screenshot (if it was on top of it)

* Added a shutter sound when taking a screenshot

* .item without any name will open the items DB

* Ranks and faction display: ARM will now display a player’s rank and enemy faction color automatically, if the player is at least 1-star or higher. This will only work with the default “PVE + PVP dmg” UI, however you can make your own styles and add these new details. Check the forum for the UI design thread for more info.

* Buffs: players will now display like [player] if they had WoW or SoD buffs

* Players Database: fixed an issue where some entries were not displayed; added AT class; added search by comments

* Chatlog size warning: added a setting to select a custom size warning from 100 MB to 1 GB, defaulted to 300 MB

* Sessions: the session files format has changed to be more secure and faster, also they will now be saved with the extension .ArmSession. Older files must be converted before ARM can load them (ARM will do it on its own when you try to open them). The new session files can’t be opened with older versions of ARM.

* Sessions II: You can now double click the session files (new format) to open them, or drag them directly into the ARM window

* Sessions III: when you select a different folder to load or save a session, this will now be remembered the next time until ARM is restarted

* Player DB check: .check will now also display rank data

* Improvements in class detection and dps parsing

* Items library (.item): now you can search by items with incomplete words and in any order. Data has been updated to 5.3