It’s Legal?

A lot of new users seem to be worried about this the most, is this tool allowed to be used?

Edit: latest official announcement about it being OK:

Since it is using only the chat.log file generated by the client, there is nothing unsafe with using this tool. It doesn’t read client memory or network data, it doesn’t interact with the client in any way while it’s running, it doesn’t gather any info other than what you already see on screen in the chat tabs, and none of its features is associated with any form of cheating.

There was an ~official statement today in the Gameforge forums about using the chat.log:


NCsoft US has also officially approved it:

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12 years ago

{CC}Nyx: Rainmeter is allowed. The distinguishing factor regarding any 3rd party program is does it give you an unfair advantage and/or does it interact in any way with the games data stream. Rainmeter does neither of these 2 things.

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