Bribes, corruption, and Gameforge

If you play in the European server Telemachus you’ll probably acknowledge this legion; if you don’t, read on, this still concerns you if you play in Europe.

There is a legion in the asmo side of Telemachus, known by everyone to be cheating for ages from way back in NC, they use their own hacking apps to do all sort of stuff, like solo instances to get ench stones (they fly above the boss and kill it without even being hit, in any instance), glidehacks, noanimation etc etc; they are apparently mostly arabs from Dubai or somewhere in the UAE.

So, around summer last year there was a massive wave of unbans at Gameforge, every hacker they banned to date with tons of evidence was suddenly unbanned. At the time, 1 GF employee told me this was part of a new “2nd chance” rule, where all the offenders would be given another chance to redeam their evil doings and play fair after the 1st ban; yeah, a bunch of bs $$$.

So moving on to the present day, there’s the case of another well known hacker who has been banned twice (or more?) for clear noanimation hacks, both times “permanently”, yet he’s still roaming free again. Then I came by this conversation of a certain player with 1 member of that certain legion, who apparently seems to claim Gameforge unbanned everyone on their request or demand.

So what do you make of this? GF staff getting bribes? or maybe they explicitly give in to the cheaters so they won’t lose massive amount of income? I think the situation is very clear, has been for a long time, and this just makes it even more so. We knew all along.

2013-03-21 - 07.43.09 ~ capture

2013-03-21 - 07.43.17 ~ capture

2013-03-21 - 07.43.39 ~ capture

2013-03-21 - 07.49.27 ~ capture

either way, was also being whispered by EoD saying *** wasnt unbanned because of the video proof but because they took care of it, as well as another EoD just telling me “not everyone in here cheats” and “I dont care if they cheat

Ended up in explanation how only some of them hack, then how they are invincible even if they all hacked because they are all really rich irl and buy hundreds of goldpacks at a time and sell them for kinah ingame

2013-03-21 - 07.53.56 ~ capture


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