How do NA and EU regions manage server merges?


They added a new server recently, which is now getting merged into an old one, I guess due to low population. Players from the old server are safe, if there is a character name collision, only the characters from the new server are affected:

we will be consolidating the Ereshkigal server into the already existing Katalam server on May 22. Players on Katalam (and Danaria) will not be impacted by this consolidation, however, players coming from Ereshkigal will need to be aware of a number of very important things that could affect your character


They added a new server recently, which got merged into an old one, I guess due to low population. Players from the old server got screwed if they were not so active lately, with charnames from the new (few months old) server taking precedence over the server they merged into. Result: people have lost their charnames which they had for over 10 years since even before Gameforge took over the EU region, for characters which could be even just a few days old.

Happy Va.. erm… wait, Shop Day

There is a low probability of Petals also dropping from the Magic Fountain gift boxes. This can then be combined with Love Powder, available from 14/2 in the AION Shop, to receive a Special Gift of Magic Blooms.

Did anyone expect otherwise? :-D

Aion EU “won’t be p2w, only cosmetic items in the shop”

“I ended up spending 103k aion coins on cards to get all 24/24 cards for the top reward.”

That’s around 4900 euro / $5160. On a sidenote.. someone spent 5k euro and still gets treated like crap by GF.

Aion guides: 71 to 75 in 3 days

  • Step 1: wait for next alchemist event
  • Step 2: spend around 20-21k euro in the shop (exp amulets, tea of repose, stars, reset scrolls..)
  • Step 3: profit

That’s what happened in Antri asmo side (governor)

Gameforge 2012 when they took over EU: “we won’t have any p2w, only cosmetic stuff”

Gameforge gives ~2K game-breaking potions.. to just a few players

Maybe you haven’t heard about this if you don’t visit the forums or check their website much, this is what happened:

For the birthday event Gameforge gave everyone 2000 Cellatu pots, 1k for HP, 1k for MP, unaware that these pots also remove 3 debuffs as opposed to just 2 with the normal ones. Upon realizing their “mistake” they decided to take 95% of the pots away on the next maintenance, leaving players with just 50 of each.

Cellatu pots

So what happened? they didn’t put much thought into the script that would run through the database to check players’ inventory and remove the items: some players who had a large amount of the pots previously obtained through their wallet (buying keys for shugo etc) had ALL of their pots taken away, even 4K of them, but the worst part… the script didn’t check for all of the inventory slots, it stopped after finding these pots in 1, so if someone had split theirs in separate stacks.. only one of the stacks got removed:

So imagine someone doing something like this, maybe in piles of 50 each:


they would get to keep 950 of the pots, x2 = 1900 of these OP pots vs the rest of players who were left with 50, creating a situation of huge unfair disadvantage vs those with the 50 vs those who kept most.

How did GF fix it? they didn’t, they won’t, they said they will leave this as is, nice huh.

we decided to not run another removal of the items

we checked the numbers of how many players were actually affected by this and

^ “we know who kept them but can’t be arsed to fix our mistake”

this was our mistake and we want to apologize for the situation. We hope for your understanding.

Yeah well, our “understanding” won’t fix the unfair situation you created for us, so go and fix it, this is inexcusable.