3.9 beta 5

  • Added support for EU Classic (untested)
  • AP (.ap) data is now sorted with 0-AP players at the end
  • Fix: AP (.ap) command now works in dredgion
  • Mobs list is now sorted by name
  • Major change: dps per-mob now works by checking the first and last received hits from anyone, rather than the specific dps for a given player
  • Other fixes and changes to overall dps calculation
  • AP gains from mobs and pvp are now registered in the skills window (for self)
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some graphics issues when using various monitors with different DPI settings
  • Older session files might not display dps per-mob correctly, due to the new calculation methods
  • Removed “pvp” filter, since it can’t be accurately determined just from the names in the combat log
  • Other fixes and improvements

How do NA and EU regions manage server merges?


They added a new server recently, which is now getting merged into an old one, I guess due to low population. Players from the old server are safe, if there is a character name collision, only the characters from the new server are affected:


we will be consolidating the Ereshkigal server into the already existing Katalam server on May 22. Players on Katalam (and Danaria) will not be impacted by this consolidation, however, players coming from Ereshkigal will need to be aware of a number of very important things that could affect your character


They added a new server recently, which got merged into an old one, I guess due to low population. Players from the old server got screwed if they were not so active lately, with charnames from the new (few months old) server taking precedence over the server they merged into. Result: people have lost their charnames which they had for over 10 years since even before Gameforge took over the EU region, for characters which could be even just a few days old.

Happy Va.. erm… wait, Shop Day


There is a low probability of Petals also dropping from the Magic Fountain gift boxes. This can then be combined with Love Powder, available from 14/2 in the AION Shop, to receive a Special Gift of Magic Blooms.

Did anyone expect otherwise? :-D