Gameforge mismanagement and abuse extends to all their games

From a friend earlier, playing Tera EU:

[12:11:33] x: check when i sent the ticket, and im still waiting
[12:12:43] x: and our server keeps crashing during siege, but the worst thing is that a very important istance spawn only if the players kill some bosses, but you have only 1 hour do to it, if u cant do in time, no istance
[12:12:53] x: server crashes, we cant kill bosses, no istance
[12:13:05] x: people asking on forum, why the heck is this happening, do something
[12:13:05] x: and they ban
[12:13:09] x: and delete their account
[12:13:13] x: permaban
[12:13:20] x: 5 friends already banned just for asking

[12:17:35] x: i know many people complained about not receiving the items
[12:17:38] x: but srsly
[12:17:40] x: im still waiting
[12:18:02] x: tera club lasts 30 days, i have 18 days left
[12:18:05] x: still no items!
[12:18:33] x: also they said – its useless to contact support about that cuz “sooner or later” the items will be delivered
[12:18:47] x: but no answer at all?
[12:18:49] x: and omg
[12:18:54] x: ok some hours/days delay
[12:19:02] x: but 12 DAYS LATER!!! im still waiting!

2013-03-07 - 13.06.46 ~ capture

Let this be a lesson to everyone, don’t spend any money on shop items or club for any of their games, if you ever want a new publisher.

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