• Improved a bit the issue with ARM giving clipboard errors “access denied”
  • Setting “auto copy AP” is now saved when closing ARM
  • Fixed the numbers formatting, it will display as 123,456 now overriding your regional settings. This was added a while back but never really worked.
  • New feature: send hacker reports straight from ARM.

This new feature only works for Gameforge at the moment, and it’s not thoroughly tested but should work fine. You can right-click on a player’s box and select “Send hacker report”, then ARM will fill in the data for you and ready to send, so you don’t have to go through their website and click a million places to send a ticket. You will need an account for the support area. I suggest you don’t use your game account password for this, as their support site is even less secure than their other areas. ARM simulates the entire brower/cookie etc process to send the tickets.

Note also that Gameforge severely limits the amount of tickets you can send within a given amount of time, so it’s possible you send a ticket and it’s not really assigned anywhere. When this happens (either through ARM or their website), they give the same message “thank you for contacting blah blah” with no error or anything, but then the ticket does not exist when you check the history.

ARM report

(old screenshot, don’t mind the double http link ^^)

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