Gameforge still harassing the players

Nothing changes, Gameforge staff are still harassing and unjustly banning their customer on a daily basis.

A quick look on just the 1st page of the General forum.. a player posts a good-bye post: he gets banned (notice the lock on his avatar) because the staff don’t tolerate any criticism about their non-existent support.

  • the game quality degrade day by day.
  • The GF attitude I dont like. The support is not the right one, closing tickets with poor explanation or nothing. Many of you had to post here and ask help for your thicket, and this is bad.

Part of his post was even removed by the corrupt mods who harrass the players everyday; every other user in the thread agreed on what he said.

when NC soft owned aion the game was a million times better

The mods again go on telling lies that the game “was more limited” with NC, when it’s all the other way around. Of course, if you try to question this, you get banned.

what was the limitations in Aion EU when it was p2p under ncsoft? we had a sub each month just like you got the gold pack to buy each month, we did not get banned from forums we was respected as a player base we got full patches, we did not have the CDs you got, we could use the brokers, we could use NPC, we could gather what we wanted, we could craft what we wanted, we could talk in chat, we played a normal game just had 1 sub each month to pay,

and the gold pack has already been said it does not work for gold spammers or bots by far to many players to show you it does not work.

Gameforge lacked security, it got alot of players hacked, wich is their fault and cost them a bit of reputation once more.
Gameforge said not to go P2W, the Goldpack system would be their income, the game has gone P2W though…
Gameforge gives us only half the content of updates… Why? That’s the point, they won’t even give a valid reason, just some lame excuse.

I could go on a while, but Gameforge really ruined it for themselfs, they managed to lose alot of veteran players


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