1.0 beta

Finally version 1.0 is here. Not with everything I wanted, but the few remaining features will be added to 1.1
Consider this a beta as well since it hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

Changelog (must have missed some things)

UI Changes:

  • Percentage bars: the player boxes now include a small % bar displaying the percentage of damage done by that user. To view the number, hover the mouse over. You can hide them by default from the settings area, or by clicking on them to switch to AP relics counter. When you loot relics, it will be switched automatically.
  • Alternate style: added a new style for player boxes, a bit similar to the Wow dps meter addons I’ve seen around. In this mode, the % is displayed differently, using the entire player box as the progress bar, and showing the top player as 100% and adjust the others relative to that.
  • Minimalist UI: added a temporal setting to remove all UI elements besides the player boxes and the transparency slider.
  • Enemy faction: now you can set players as “Enemy faction” via right-click menu/Switch Enemy Faction. This is a per-server setting. Those tagged as opposite faction will be displayed in purple.
  • “X” clear button is now invisible until there is some data to clear. If there are no visible players but you see the X, it means there are at least active applied effects etc, and it’s best to clear it for more accurate results before starting a new parsing.
  • Added a small display to show various data:  quests/pvp AP gain and Kills, Exp/Mobs killed, Kinah gained/spent. You can switch between the 3 by clicking on it.


  • Added a new window/tool “Graphs/Reports” (.report in-game) where you can filter players/damage by mob/boss. More options will be added there in the future like graphs etc.
  • ApCalc: removed most functionality of this area since it’s no longer needed with the in-game relics tool; now it’s just a basic AP calc.
  • Hacker Report: Added an option in the player menus, “Build hacker report”. If you suspect someone is cheating/hacking, this will copy all their current data like skills timing, damage, and every action with their name from the current session raw log, ready to be included in a support ticket.
  • Added a tool “Item Library”. You can access it from the menu or using “.item ..” (you can include a search term). You can then double click the item there to get the in-game item code to paste.


  • Logfile will now be automatically re-assigned after you delete/rename it from the size-warning dialog, as long the path is still valid.
  • Player leaving the group/ally or being kicked, as well as yourself disbanding the group, will now unset their InGroup status.
  • Shockwave: If you don’t use C-Dredgion’s “shockwave” quest item when the Captain is being engaged, you’ll get a warning.
  • Updated Telemachus hacker lists.
  • Gradient style setting fixed, it was reset upon restart.
  • You can now pause/resume the dps parsing with in-game commands “.pause” “.resume”.
  • You can now close most additional windows with ESC (main window will minimize instead).
  • Launching Aion client from ARM now includes the setting to right-click/block spammers.
  • Removed the AP relics list from skills window. You can now access that from the right-click menu for every player “show AP relics”.
  • Log size warning trigger reduced from 200MB to 100MB.
  • Added a setting in the logsize warning dialog to skip closing Aion when deleting/renaming (must be on the char selection, else the client will crash).
  • Chatlog enabling checks are improved/easier.
  • Client language is now checked if Aion is running when you open ARM. It will give a warning if it’s not English (german/french not supported).
  • Items DB updated, now containing 49.717 items (still missing 3.0 stuff, if you have a link with an updated list please contact me).
  • Edited US servers list.
  • Clipboard setting: added an option to disable clipboard monitoring (not really needed anyway, see below).
  • Clipboard monitoring will not take affect from 1.0 unless the Aion client is the currently active window, ensuring what you copied/cut was an in-game command for ARM.
  • Added a “Faction” setting. For now this is only used for the in-game faction translation, to avoid the EA/AE setting. Now you can just do “.tr text to translate”.
  • “Alias”: Added an Alias sub-menu for your own player box, where you can specify one of the pre-set characters to be used when you copy dmg/ap etc data for pasting.
  • Chat window size is now remembered after restart.
  • Added a new copy macro to include only Dmg, not dps. Access it from the Data menu or using “.hit” in-game.
  • Changed in-game command “.item” to “.armory”.
  • Added in-game commands “.ping” and “.iptrace” (does the same as clicking the buttons from the settings window).
  • Changed the IP for the ping and trace commands. Now it pings the specific IP for every server (it was only the login server before). Note however, US servers seem to be firewalled against ICMP (ping), so you should do a trace instead for those.
  • Added “.check playername” to check whether a player is your local player database. If found, it will display the player status with a tray tooltip.
  • Fixed: some things were not being processed when you had chat features disabled, like AP from pvp kills and some other things.
  • Added support to manually process older large log files. Before it used to cap at 150-200 MB unless you had 64-bit version (no longer supported). Now you can process any size file.
  • Fixed some issues arising from using more than 1 ARM instance at the same time, where the G15/510 display would get stuck.
  • Added a “portable” option. You can run arm with /portable as argument, and it will use a settings folder where the exe is located, rather than in AppData. This is very useful if you play both in US and EU regions, so that you can keep separate settings for each. You can also run a portable instance from the File menu.

 Tray notifications:

  • Replaced the Windows traditional tooltip messages by my own system to overcome some issues: up to 3 messages are now displayed at once; when a message is displayed, it won’t make the taskbar come out of auto-hide if you had it set that way; the messages will be displayed also in windowed-fullscreen mode. Like the traditional tooltips, they will fade away after some seconds (with some exceptions) or upon right-click.

Player Database:

  • Added “hacker” status, so you can assign players deemed hackers yourself and get a warning, besides the hardcoded lists and live analysis/reports.
  • Database features are now disabled for new instances while more than 1 ARM is running.

System.cfg editor:

  • Removed the embedded system.cfg editor and released it as a separate app for further compliance with the ToS etc. You can get it at the downloads area.

Speed improvements:

  • “Class Compare” tool is now extremely faster.
  • Class filter feature is now extremely faster.
  • Skills window is now extremely faster, able to display even millions of hits with no delay.


  • Core parsing has been completely rewritten and is now a lot more accurate.
  • Wintry is now recognized and identified as such in the skills window.
  • Delayed hits from sorc are now assigned correctly when more than 1 is present.
  • Better support for IceSheet and Whirlwind.
  • Most applied effects are now supported, like Poison and Venom from sins, Promise/Blessing and others. This is much improved in situations with more than 1 of the same class present, with some smart-code that tries to guess what belongs to who upon certain conditions, and also destroys existing dots/effects when player dies.
  • Cleric servants in siege or in situations with more than 1 cleric present are now a lot more accurate.
  • PVP: most pvp hits are now recognized and assigned.
  • Some 3.0 skills/dots are now supported (not all, don’t have enough data; need someone from US servers to help me with this)
  • Blood/Darkness additional hit from sin now working better/fixed, but only for 3.0 client.
  • FFA arena contestants are now parsed normally as players.

Skills Window:

  • Lots of changes to this window, like % dmg per skill, filtering and search per skill or any term, right-click menu to copy selection on each side, double-click to copy current line. Left-click a skill on the left pane to show all the hits by that skill.
  • Godstoneshits  are now displayed as “Godstone: Magical..”
  • Silence/Paralyze godstones are also included in the skills list with their proc time.

Player search:

  • Player profiles search is fixed for US servers since the recent website changes. Disabled for Euro servers. For US ones, it will now launch the profile directly if the name is complete and found (found within the json parsed results), else it will return a search page. Disabled for Kahrun server (it doesn’t have profiles yet afaik).

“PVP” mode:

  • There is now a setting “Register only pvp hits”. When enabled, only hits deemed as “pvp” will be registered. The app icon will change to green as a visual hint that this is enabled. You can switch it via the settings menu or using “.pvp” in-game. You can also remove all pve hits from a current session via the menu or using “.rpve”.

Raw log capture window:

  • Filter is now extremelly faster, possibly 100-1000x.
  • Some misc bug fixes.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue where the log was always requesting memory to pre-buffer the log even if the window wasn’t in use.
  • Added several options to load older log data, from a file, from the current active session since the last clear, and selecting an amount of KB to load from the end of the log file.


  • The Aion screenshot feature has been improved. It used to display some borders around the image, and not capture it properly when in windowed mode and not maximized, or using windowed-full screen. Now it’s captured perfectly 100% to its corresponding size. Note however, that using full-screen will still result in an empty black screenshot.
  • Some notes about the screenshot feature: I added it because using the in-game normal screenshotting results in the client freezing, sometimes for 4-5 seconds or more, due to poor coding.. imo, so having ARM take the screenshot instead you get no delay. You can take the SS either via the G15 applet, via the SS button in the main bar in ARM, via the Tools menu, or  using the various in-game commands like .ss or .uss (automatically uploads for sharing). The screenshots taken with ARM are saved to a separate folder, which you can access from File/Open Screenshots folder.


Pending changes for 1.1:

  • Some UI changes, alternate minimalist mode
  • Cursecloud inverse shield damage
  • Ranger traps
  • Full 3.0 skills/dots
  • New AP share tool (you can link ap relics in group and do .shareap, it will say who has to loot what)


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12 years ago

I get an Access Violation error everytime i minimize the window.

Other than that it’s great. Good job ! i’m also waiting for that ap share tool :D

12 years ago

Man you’re doing a fine job there. Already loving the new features! Waiting for the AP share tool as I have to divide relics very often and that would save me loads of time. If you ever set up some donation thing I’ll be glad to buy you a six pack for all the work you’re doing.

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