Small update to 1.0 (May 12th)

Some fixes and updates to version 1.0

  • Fixed: ARM crash with Windows XP
  • Added a setting to Wow-style to customize the damage text. Hover the mouse over for a hint with the variables
  • Added a small tool via Help/Ping.. This is ┬ásimilar to the popular Leatrix patcher
  • Added a setting to disable player warning tooltips in the tray
  • Fixed: double-clicking on Wow-style bars didn’t reset UI from minimalist mode
  • Fixed: changing visual style removed OnTop setting
  • Added a hint over the player name showing their # position in the list
  • Fixed: sm pet dots (Spirit Thunderclaw) are now properly assigned (if assign-sm setting is enabled)
  • Fixed: pvp hits to pets and servants
  • Other misc bug fixes
  • You can now run the exe even if the G15 support DLL is not present

Latency fix tool:

Update 2:

  • Fixed % columns in skillswindow.
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