0,61 beta

– Major changes to the UI, though mostly testing colors and sizes for the player boxes. Click on the player name and damage text to open skills/copy data.
– Player boxes will change color and and “push” down while actively doing dps. Pushed = actively dpsing; just coloured = recently active.
– Added feature: table comparison of damage/skills etc for the same classes (useful in raids/sieges)
– Added splash screen and changed about window picture.
– Some changes and fixes to damage and dps metering.
– Improved speed.
– Made siege times window centered on the screeen.
– Added a “blues/golds” counter. Type “#b” in game to increase b, “#g” for golds.
– Added “copy all” option in the menu for damage/dps, as well as clearing options for both damage and AP separately.
– Added mouse scroll functionality to players area.
– Added a counter for overall dps/peak dps/max hit/damage (for all the players). Displayed on the caption bar for now, sry ^^


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12 years ago

Great app :)

Could you add a button to auto paste the data to say the Group channel?
I know I could just do the Copy All DMG,dps and then do a CTRL+V…just looking for a single click option if it’s posable.
Another question I was wondering is if you have any plans of working on a Threat Meter; maybe something like Omen which is used in WOW?

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