0,7 beta

New beta is here:

– Added a 64-bit version
– Some UI changes
– Improved damage parsing
– Added faction translation tool
– Splash screen is now faded and click-through
– Splash screen and version check are disabled when you run a new instance from the menu
–  Added command-line parameters “-nosplash” and “-noversioncheck”
– Added screenshot upload tool. Use it to upload the damage/players box to Imgur with 1 click
– Added a notification while siege mode is enabled
–  Added “loot history” window. This works together with the in-game commands for b/g
– Changed b/g commands from #b/#g to +b/+g
– Added in-game command for translation: “translate EA asmo are all noobs” for elyos-to-asmo translation, or “translate AE we are the easy-mode faction” for asmo-to-elyos
– Added in-game command “alldmg” to copy damage data to clipboard
– Added a window to input and edit your character names. This is needed to restrict in-game commands to your own typing , and also helps damage parsing with certain skills like Summon Whirlwind, some damage shields and others (to identify your hits).
– You can now copy in-game commands to clipboard rather than having to type them out in group etc, just type it, select the text and copy/cut to clipboard, and ARM will catch it and process the requested operation just as if you’d pressed enter instead.
– Added AP  Relics tool. You can keep track of all your characters’ AP and relics in this window. You can also retrieve the current AP amount from the website with a button click (for english and german servers).
– Added a damage/dps profiler to test different skill rotations or w/e.
– Alpha blending value is now remembered upon restart
– Added a button to hide the main window; only the button will remain then on the screen, faded, click it to bring the main window back.
– Added a setting for switching “Always on top”.
– Added items database to show the names in the chat window rather than the previous item number ids.

0.8 will focus on UI changes, group/ally dmg restrictions and a revision to sm pets dmg (I think there are some bugs with sm pet skills, and the asmo equivalent to Tempest is still missing)




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