3.9 beta 5

  • Added support for EU Classic (untested)
  • AP (.ap) data is now sorted with 0-AP players at the end
  • Fix: AP (.ap) command now works in dredgion
  • Mobs list is now sorted by name
  • Major change: dps per-mob now works by checking the first and last received hits from anyone, rather than the specific dps for a given player
  • Other fixes and changes to overall dps calculation
  • AP gains from mobs and pvp are now registered in the skills window (for self)
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some graphics issues when using various monitors with different DPI settings
  • Older session files might not display dps per-mob correctly, due to the new calculation methods
  • Removed “pvp” filter, since it can’t be accurately determined just from the names in the combat log
  • Other fixes and improvements
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