• New OpenSSL libraries
  • Faster ping test when uploading sessions
  • Added ping test for NA uploads and server test
  • Moved “Visual Styles” to the Settings window
  • Added new visual styles
  • Added visual indicators for App updates and Session uploads
  • Fixed Prigga auto-clear for EU (still bugged for NA)
  • Fixed hits over 500K dmg not being recognized
  • Added taskbar buttons to Start/Close Aion, Upload Session, Switch UI
  • Smoother switch to transparent UI
  • Added a separate transparency setting for transparent UI
  • Fixed looted items recognition
  • Speed ups
  • When you receive a whisper in-game, the ARM taskbar Icon will change just like the tray one, until you whisper back or hover the mouse over the tray (only works if your taskbar isn’t set to display small buttons)

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