2.9 update

  • Added an option to session uploads to include debug information. Use this if you see any error in the session data so we can better analyze what went wrong.
  • Fixed some graphical issues on start-up
  • Fixed a crash when auto-clearing the Chat.log
  • Fixed items names recognition for 6.x clients
  • Fixed wrong class recognition when using WoW/SoD
  • Double-clicking on ARM session files while ARM is running no longer displays an admin prompt
  • Added a feature “Restore/Remove Symlink” to move the Chat.log back to the AION folder
  • Improved the “MOVE” feature for Chat.log location
  • Added a link to a few freeware Ramdisk applications
  • Added a setting (default: on) to automatically clear ARM when Beritra or Prigga (Frigida for NA) transform, plus an auto-backup option
  • Fixed some issues when uploading sessions
  • Fixed some missing skill icons
  • Fixed ARM freeze/slow when closing the settings window
  • Fixed crashes when switching UI styles
  • Some speed improvements
  • Added a shortcut button to switch transparent UI
  • Fixed “Hide Interface” button
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