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  • Added Immobilization godstone procs
  • .switch command: cycle through current UI switches
  • .alpha (50-255) command: change app transparency
  • The active UI switch will now be remembered after you restart ARM
  • Fixed relics AP count when processing manual chat logs
  • UI click-through mode will now be remembered when you restart the app
  • Added AP switch to default UI mode
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What I’d like to see is a command that CLEAR’S Damage but not erases the players from list. I often run around in Open World having my ARM set to show dmg on me only and after each death I’d like to clear the values from game’s chat without clearing it through ARM and re-switching to “Me” again. Any chances for that :)?


Hey after the update the PvE Simple and PvE Simple,gradient UI dont showw the % and Dmg anymore. Only the Names and bars are displayed.