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  • Fixed some SM skills not being parsed (Cyclone servant, Wind Servant, Erosion skills)
  • Added “.cleardmg” command to clear only damage (without removing players)
  • “Click-through” renamed to “Transparent Display” in the UI menu
  • Added a switch to the default UI style: “Show Received dmg”
  • Added damage effect from 5.0 fire transform skill for NA/EU
  • Improved parsing of gunner’s “Aion’s Favor” skill (NA)
  • “.tr” now opens the faction translation tool if no text is supplied
  • Improved/fixed “clipboard access denied” errors when copying/cutting commands in-game
  • .check now includes the date the player was added (if any)
  • Added 3 custom hotkeys for which you can select one of these actions:
    * Copy EXP (.exp)
    * Clear Damage (.cleardmg)
    * Open Log Capture Window
    * Open Players Dabatase (.db)
    * Open Faction Translator (.tr)
    * Save Session
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you’re fucking the best for such a quick update with that .cleardmg command I asked for just a few days ago!