Reminder about french/german support


I’m getting lots of requests again to add support for french and german clients. Unfortunately, this needs a lot more work than I’m willing to put; rather than simply translating skills and words for recognition, the format of the log is vastly different for each language. ARM doesn’t use any kind of regex, the parsing is a large complex block of code and subroutines handling many kind of special cases, on a per-class basis and with some background analyzing post previous recognition. The result is an extremelly fast and accurate parsing, much more than any other Aion meter around :) (f.e ARM handles 700-800 players in siege without freezing or any delays, while others like KDM will choke).┬áSo adding support for other language clients requires a lot of work.

Besides that issue, I don’t really like or support having games and media on the net in different languages, and believe there is no need to waste time and efforts into that, while we have an internationally accepted standard, English.

I have to note however.. and maybe some people aren’t aware of this, you can still run the English Aion client while playing in french and german servers, just pick the language in the client launcher.

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