0.98 beta

Approaching stable relase 1.0, here’s a new beta:

  • Added a warning when you edit system.cfg if Aion is still running (needs to be closed first)
  • Fixed a bug in the chat tab, where shouts appeared as “houts”
  • Added an option File/Save RAW to save the current session raw logfile
  • Updated hacker lists in various servers, and hack app detection code
  • Added some checks to avoid sandboxing of ARM to maybe try to avoid hack detection
  • Moved some of the menu options from Tools to File
  • Default style has been set to “Cobalt XE”. You can change this in Settings/Visual style
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the new visual styles
  • Added a check when you open ARM, if Aion is running in a language other than English it will give a warning
  • Added a check when trying to run x64 Aion, warns you if you aren’t on a x64 windows
  • Added a check, when starting ARM it gives a warning if chat.log is not enabled
  • Fixed an issue with alpha blending transparency setting not being remembered after restart
  • Fixed some issues in the “all damage” and Damage Profiler areas, the damage was incorrect sometimes
  • Removed Fire-cannon from AP data copy
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12 years ago

I had a request actually….but not sure where to post if this is the wrong place then just link me where to go please :)

But, I was wondering if you could add a feature to do (copy all damage) and (copy all ap) with a keybind, so tabbing out and clicking copy would not be necessary? Would be a really good feature I think.

12 years ago

Same with me. ARM totally not working on Win7 x64.

12 years ago

Yeah. The same problem.

12 years ago

Something somewhere went wrong , up till this update it was working fine but this morning when i tried to update it this appeared
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