0.91 Beta

New build with lots of changes:

  • Benchmark code rewritten; now it also includes a short test log so all test results will use the same data for every user
  • Updated AionScript hack detection code
  • Siege mode removed (detection is a lot more accurate, and dots/servants are limited to avoid giving a caster extra incorrect hits; keep in mind though, only 1 caster will be registered for their hits so other casters will be missing data from theirs)
  • Added ¬†Settings/Show Processing Time: this will show you how many ms it takes to process data for every second
  • Parsing code speed greatly improved
  • Spiritmaster pets are now split into a different user -Pets- by default. You can change this in the settings (not recommended, cause this data is impossible to check when there is more than 1 sm around, and also in sieges the balaurs have pets named the same as spiritmasters’)
  • Added a new settings menu
  • Added a feature to enable/disable the chatlog straight from the settings window, new users no longer need to fiddle with any files
  • Added a feature to edit the system.cfg file (automatically decrypted/re-encrypted)
  • URL links in-game will now show up as a balloon message in the tray, you can click it there to open it in the browser
  • Added player gear search (via “.ps” command and with right-click on player display) for NotAion
  • Now you can also run the Aion client from the meter or G15 LCD for both US and NotAion servers. In the case of NotAion, it first performs a check for login/game server being online, and also shows the online users in a tray message
  • Misc fixes in damage parsing code
  • Added a setting (default) to run 64-bit Aion client if you are on x64 windows (automatically disabled while running NotAion, it doesn’t seem to work on x64)
  • Added a setting to minimize the main window to tray. Double click the tray icon to bring it back up
  • Removed “Unknown” player from ap/dmg data copy


Raw draft of to-do stuff for next versions:

sm dmg summons check
remove player search for euro
curse of weakness
chat tab dmg taken
chat tab AP gain from kills
AP gain in display
manual AP adjust
UI changes
alternate UI



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