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New installer uploaded

I’ve uploaded a new installer to fix the issues caused by the last update. Somehow 64-bit OpenSSL DLLs ended up in the setup instead of 32-bit (ARM is 32-bit, need the same type of dlls), and that was causing the issue for many people.

Fix: simply download arm again from here and install over.

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@admin As I stated: I already always do run it as admin and I know how to run it as admin-that’s the same download I’ve already use-My apologies this thread said to download the new installer here and I assumed that was literal-as in on this thread. Also want to let you know that uninstalling and reinstalling no longer works for windows 8 users-so while I love your software it is no totally unusable for me so I will have to uninstall. I would gladly make donations if there was support for windows 8 since I love the features :(… Read more »
Call me stupid….. but I can’t find the link to download on here. Every few days I have to redownload and install the software because alas I’m rocking windows 8 (my gamin laptop came with it and after spending 1600 I wasn’t about to drop another couple of bills on a different windows version). I thought I’d try the new updated installer, but I cant see how to download it from this page…. Also I can’t use the latency fix tool it keeps telling me to run it as admin even though I already am and run everything as admin-is… Read more »

HI i keep getting error msg when i click the pop window “New ARM update”
then i click it then it pop cannot find the file of ARMupdater.exe acces denied pls help me


Could you to do something with SM pets (water + earth)? It is very annoying to see my SM on 3 – 4 position. Lot of EU people don’t using NA data pack and posting .dmg.


Really heplful, before that i check my firewall during all the day to create rules & co ….. DAMN !!! & Now gameforge ban again wtf fast ip we can’t loggin with :'(