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(updated-3) Ineptforge strikes again

Edit: July 26th

Youtube unblocked the video after reporting the false ownership claims by Gameforge.


Edit: July 24th

Gameforge appears to be abusing their publishing license and made a false claim of copyright to Youtube to get the video blocked. My friend is getting it uploaded elsewhere and has also contacted YT to contest the fake claims. Will update soon with new link and the progress of this story. (Gameforge don’t own the game in any way, only NCSoft (Korea) does).

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A friend asked me to post a video here, so there you go:

video reuploaded to Video:

banned video in YT:



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Hey Hikari ist me Julia, i post your video on gameforge EU german forum, i got banned ^^ no joke i got banned 2 min after i posting your video they deletet and after i got banned :D i dont care about banning because i gonna leave aion ^^

look:comment image


Im fighting for you now :D i post your video on facebook and sending to my friends :D


Haha – The Video already got deleted because of Gameforge “Copyright” claims xD