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Subject: French community feels bad

I’m an Elyos on Urtem server.
I just wanted to warn you that on the French forum, players become increasingly aggressive against Gameforge.
Some players try to put pressure on Gameforge
Link articles in which players strike action on games to change company policies

You can Try to read these Topics :

Players are tired of seeing that Gameforge does nothing they want to Try to make a “sitting” in Poeta like the Chinese aion players

in some topics Eoghan our CM not even answer questions from players …

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6 years ago

GayForge don’t care about anything except money :D At the beginning on which it became known that gayforge assumes Aion it was for sure that they will squeeze us like overripe oranges and do nothing for us except banish us when we begin to rebel because we want content and support. Or fuqqn 4.0….NcSoft sold us because we were to expensive and they just wanted to push GW2 (Which we all know was a BIG Fail :D) Everbody knew that, but nobody was able to do anything i guess – Except NcSoft of course….. Gayforge = Horrible Reputation. Worldwide :3… Read more »

7 years ago

gameforge destroyed all greath mmorpg games :(, i hate Gameforge (Failforge))

7 years ago

Greetings, The problem is, GameForge don’t care about what they already know, while they know NCsoft know it also, while they know some moderator are doing really bad things (bad hate attitude against people) and people are interested “friends”, while moderator tell their names freely on IRC and all people know that they are harassing people by the way, some people just close their eyes and forget how to open their mouth… Today one player wrote on FR forum that he will tell to eynia (board admin to recall) to kick a moderator because she is disturbing them enough. The… Read more »

7 years ago

Hello, I ‘m from FR community, for a large part of us, we are frustrated by the failure profesional and scandalous behavior shown of the Gameforge project team . Just this month we have recorded more than 5 servers crash for a period of 10 minutes or several hours .. this represents timer instance, scrolls reset , lost loot, etc. .. Add to this the problem of Bot Hack without guarantee and compensation due to the total lack of security accounts by GF We are left to ourselves in expectation of change which will obviously not on the side of… Read more »

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