1.8 beta

  • Removed hacker warnings
  • Removed most of the blocked players, with some exceptions

New feature (BETA): triggers feature has been improved:

You can now setup various actions to trigger when found in the log, and the window does not need to remain open unlike was the case before.
Possible actions:

  • Tray warning message
  • Play MP3 file
  • Flash tray button

You can set this up to play a sound for example when you are silenced in PVP, simply select the mp3 file for every action you want to trigger. You can observe the various messages from the log with the Raw log window (tools/capture raw log) to further extend your list of triggers.

2013-05-14 - 03.13.53 ~ capture ~ Triggers

2013-05-14 - 02.49.17 ~ capture ~ AddEdit Trigger



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10 years ago

I hope you read this Mr. Developer.

This is an excellent little feature, especially for the visually impaired amongst us, those little icons and text in Aion can sometimes be difficult to read.

The MP3 player has one noticeable limitation, it will play only one MP3 at a time. This makes it impossible to set up triggers for skill cooldown reminders. Please consider implementing multiple MP3 playback.

One more question, is your source code open?

Thanks for the wonderful App.

11 years ago

these triggers prolly cross the line to non-legit because they give you an unfair advantage

11 years ago
Reply to  lailani

As a player whose primary weakness in PvP is lack of debuff awareness, I agree 100%.

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