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February 20th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • Added a new setting, in the menu “Settings/single-sm mode”. This will automatically assign all pets to the spiritmaster, if there is only 1 present, and remove some dot limitations put in place for more accurate results. You can use this if there is only 1 sm in your instance etc to more accurately assign all dots and pets damage.
  • Added support for atk. speed reduction Godstone.
  • Other minor fixes
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I’ve just tried this option (ARM 2.1.5)

And only 1 pet skill appear (thunderbolt claw) in ARM with the auto-attack… Detonation claw, erosion etc… doesn’t appear anywhere…

I’ve test on training dummy, with 3 skills the pet make about 13 k of dps, on ARM it shows 3k…..

There is something in the settings I have to do ??