Hackforge finally puts 100% socketing stones in the shop.. 10.7 times more expensive than NC (Update: 29 times higher)

Gameforge is at it again. After they said many times in the forums they would never sell these since they are not “p2w”, lying as 99% of the time they say anything, now they are in the shop.

The price? Buying 3 costs 600 coins, = 75 euros. I remember back when NC sold them for a week before f2p, they would cost around 7 euro for the same amount.



Just speechless, totally speechless. Nice way of milking money, and another step for p2w again.

Not sure if serious or Shop department just went nuts :0


1 more joke of the day from GF 20 euro for 1 sup and in us shop you can buy it for 6$ and you get x5 manastone bundle whit it for that price

That means GF price is 29 times higher.

GF are just preying on peoples frustrations.

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