The BS continues

So nothing has changed. After all the fuss everywhere with the Gameforge GM scandal recently, their staff keeps ignoring the abuse and crimes (breaking Euro commerce laws), and silencing users with every single retarded and nonsense excuse they can. This is the usual procedure:

  • Player exposes something in the forum the mods don’t like, or are obliged to tell
  • Mods ban the player from the forums
  • Player complains in a support ticket
  • After a week, nothing has been done, no reply to the tickets, no ban taken back
  • Player uses the “complain” feature of the ticket to have it reviewed by someone “above”
  • Player gets forum ban extended or permanent with any vague fake excuse, and their support area closed without further explanation, as well as threats of closing also their game account without any means to complain.
  • Most often the mods themselves provoke the users with insults, just to make them talk back and have an excuse to ban them again, by breaking the rules the mod just broke themselves.

The messages from the staff are unbelievable, you’d think they are either joking or not very bright in their head.. but that’s what we got.

GF chiefs are aware of nearly all the negatives that have been voiced against them and have ordered the mods not to be so tolerant.

The mods are not entirely to blame except Seven as we all know is by far the most active with bans. All bans do is make players more angry.
I’ve told him just about everything that has been said here and that he wasn’t over popular but he said he knows about player frustration and he is only doing what he has been told.

you are agitating against Gameforge and the staff

Opening threads against moderation and for ban appeals is also not accepted

“torlling”, “troll baiting”, they sure sound like professional staff huh? What a freaking joke. If you wanna do your contribution to changing things for European Aion, I urge you to never buy anything from their shop again, as well as any items in-game coming from the shop (like Gold Packs sold by other users).

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