More on Gameforge GM corruption in Telemachus UnderG legion

GM corruption and abuse keeps going in European servers.

Following up on the theft of user accounts by GMs and banning people at will cause they lost in arenas, they go on to banning people who fight against their legion on world bosses:

[20:35:58] Ξούλης: We
[20:35:59] Ξούλης: were
[20:36:02] Ξούλης: at Sunayaka
[20:36:03] Ξούλης: right now
[20:36:07] Ξούλης: and
[20:36:10] Ξούλης: underG
[20:36:16] Ξούλης: outdpsed us we got there at 80%
[20:36:21] Ξούλης: and
[20:36:24] Ξούλης: Warzone
[20:36:25] Ξούλης: said
[20:36:26] Ξούλης: to me
[20:36:29] Ξούλης: ai gamisou gamogido
[20:36:37] Ξούλης: which means fuck you fucking animal coat etc
[20:36:43] Ξούλης: and I said
[20:36:54] Ξούλης: ai psofa zwifio
[20:36:58] Ξούλης: which means go fucking die animal
[20:37:01] Ξούλης: 1 MINUTE
[20:37:01] Ξούλης: LATER
[20:37:06] Ξούλης: I AM SUSPENDED
[20:37:08] Ξούλης: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
[20:37:14] Ξούλης: 1 MINUTE
[20:37:15] Ξούλης: LATER
[20:37:18] Ξούλης: I GOT SUSPENDED
[20:37:21] Ξούλης: THEY GOT A GM

Hello x,

Account x has been suspended for 3 days for attempting to steal the world boss from other alliances. The ban will end on Nov 18, 2012 8:27:21 PM.


Hello x,

Your account is banned for 3 days.
Reason: T&Cs, 12.4. b substantially affect the game experience of other players. Instead of playing together, you tried to steal Boss Sunkaya from other alliances.

Please remeber this is your first sanction. If you keep doing this, it will add up.

If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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Kail aka Kale40 from Metin2 Uk
Kail aka Kale40 from Metin2 Uk
11 years ago

Lol. People wondered why I was pissed off as soon as I found out aion was going ftp and the eu servers would then be given the “luxury” of having gf as its publisher. Its like your a kid and you’re aitting class only then to have a rude, strict and arrogant substitute teacher to pick on you. You want dirt? I can give you plenty of it on gameforge, In fact I could put on a wager that what I have is only the tip of the piss coloures iceberg. Interesting stuff can be found about Metin 2. The… Read more »

11 years ago

lol @gameforge
US NC is kinda better than this shit..

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