Some cool new features in this build:

  • Auto-screenshot arena results: enabled in the settings menu, this one-time setting will take a screenshot automatically when you finish the 1-1 or ffa arena. This is a bit experimental, but should be in time to capture the results window most times before the players leave (isn’t that annoying?)
  • Bad score warning when players apply: ARM will warn you when you are recruiting and a player with a bad score (bad/blacklist/hacker) in your local database applies. You can disable it in the settings window.
  • Click-through display: enabled in the settings menu, this will generate a copy of the display, transparent, which you can move and locate where you want. Once set, double-click it and it will become click-through, so that if you click on it, it’ll be as if you actually clicked on the Aion client (or whatever is behind), as if the window wasn’t really there. You must keep the main window active for this to work (not minimized). Ideally, the main window should be set to not ontop (the click-through will be always ontop). If you wish to re-locate the window, you can right-click the tray icon and click Re-position…

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11 years ago

when you said :
“You must keep the main window active for this to work (not minimized).”
is there any way to not have it do this? kind of pointless to have a click through display (reducing clutter) and still have the ‘clutter’ ARM on the screen

11 years ago

i really love that click-through-able UI, could you maybe make it so that the huge BROWN area isn’t visible on your screen though? like so its just invisible until the things pop up?

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