Bans in Telemachus

Finally, Gameforge is starting to take action on the rampant hackers ruining the European servers. I got notice several players were banned yesterday following reports from the warnings given by ARM of hackers in server Telemachus. So please keep it up, continue reporting all those players you see using script hacks like no-animation, teleports, glidehacks and anything suspicious. It’s really nice to see GF willing to do something about the mess left behind by NC :)



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i wish ncsoft would do something. You literally must post a video of yourself hacking to get banned in NA. LOL


I’m so happy hearing this, i was going to quit game due to this because aion scripters stay logged longer than non-hackers and are always on open-pvp maps blocking us from enjoy 1 of the last fun resorts ingame. GF you had a testing period after the transfer and now you are starting to go in the right direction to success as new owners, Thanks for it.