0.95 beta

New build with some changes:

  • When the tray icon is green (whisper received/not answered), you can hover the mouse over it to reset it.
  • You can now type “.item sky dragon” (.item anything..) to search for gear/items in AionArmory.com.
  • When you copy the AP list either with .ap or through the menu, the list will show through a balloon tray message as well.
  • Other minor fixes and stuff I forgot -.-
  • Added a different player display mode:
  • Major change: added a group/ally setting. You can now specify players who are in your group or ally, by either right-clicking on them-> “Switch InGroup/Ally”, automatically when they join, or you can add them manually through Data-> Add g/a members (necessary when filtered). You can then use Settings-> “Show only my g/a” so that only those will be displayed and included in the damage/dps parsing. When you use this feature, all the players not set as part of your group/ally will be automatically removed. This setting isn’t saved when you restart the program. You can also use Data->”Copy Dmg/dps (group/ally)” to show only those set as group if you haven’t filtered the display.



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12 years ago

thx for good work :)

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