ARM 0.4 Alpha

Another build with some progress:

– Added a button to check for new versions
– Fixed all cleric dots
– Added cleric servants
– Added sm pets (not 100% complete)
– Fixed scrollbars on the URL links box
– Added a feature to process older log files (can take a while)
– Window position will now be remembered
– Added a button to pause damage metering (chat will still be logged)
– Fixed skills list window delay when opening (used to take a while to fill the data)
– Added sorting of data in the skills window by clicking on the columns

Pending issues:
– Godstone damage from other players is still handled as a separate meter (no workaround for this)
– Dots and pets/servants damage can get mixed if there’s more than 1 of the same class in group (affects cleric/sm/sorc)
– Tempest pet is still handled as a separate player
– Summon Whirlwind damage of your own is still handled as a separate player
– Godstones dot damage still unhandled

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