• Updated all classic clients
  • New tool: manastone socketing simulator
  • New tool: magic supp. list (only for EuroAion)
  • Added Gear Sets/library tool for Classic RU and KR

ARM 3.98

  • “big” UI update with extra mode without AP count
  • UI modes that show no AP will no longer auto-sort by AP in the window
  • Removed “-XX” from names for regions with only 1 server
  • Added blind/silence etc godstone procs in the skills list (self only)
  • Updated AP relic count for Apheta (NA 2.8)
  • Update EU and NA classic data

ARM update

  • Fixed “LFG item watch” tool for Russia
  • Additional fix for “auto copy AP relics to clipboard”
  • Added PVP Atk and Def to gear tool’s Sort feature
  • NA Classic 2.8 update
  • Added Korea Classic 2.8
  • New setting: AP Siel boost. NA Classic’s Siel boost gives 150% AP from anything that gives you AP, including relics. When looting them, the 50% boost will be automatically applied to the count if the setting is on.

ARM update

  • Looted AP relics will now auto-sort also in the UI
  • “Auto copy relics AP” now on by default, some issues fixed
  • When copying AP data, a single message will be used now, updated automatically
  • Added servers list to system menu
  • Added “DPS” and “AP” shortcuts to the buttons toolbar
  • Changed default UI style to “DPS + AP (big)”
  • AP numbers formatted in gear tool
  • Added gear level to the icons in gear tool
  • Added an option in the raw log window “clear to ..”
  • Fixed “AP gain” log in player’s window
  • Moved “UI scale” setting to the styles pane
  • Fixed Chat/LFG windows for Russian classic (untested)

arm update 3.96 beta 4

* Expanded Gear Sets tool: you can now filter by weapon type, for example you can easily find and sort by staves with the most total Magic Boost, or Shields with the most Magic Res
* New tool: log analyzer. With this you can find from your logs how many times you killed a boss and how many times a certain item has dropped
* Fixed: some bugs in the gear sets

3.96 Beta 1

  • Updated all EU and NA clients
  • New setting: UI Scale for player boxes (enlarge the display for player info)
  • New UI Style for big displays with larger fonts etc
  • New tool (beta test phase): Gear Sets
  • Data/Session info window with some stats

With this tool you can easily compare stats between different sets, like 50 vs 55 abyss etc, and see full stats information about the entire items library. You can also use it to find the gear items with the most base or bonus magic boost for example with the Sort function, and save custom presets, as well as quickly load every possible gear set for the current client.

The new tool is only available for EU/NA Classic and EuroAion for now.