Update: shop icon

Restored the original EU shop icon (without the annoying animation that appears until you click it). Apparently GF has been warning people of “client modification” for that icon.. *missing facepalm meme*

This is only relevant if you start Aion from ARM.

Update: “Fast Startup”

Little tweak I found on the Facebook EU group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aioneu/permalink/1674310569269264/

Apparently this is just a switch to let Aion load in some sort of “safe”(r) mode after a crash or some error, which makes the loading time much much longer..

The FB post suggests making the file read-only so that you never have to re-do this process again, so I added this little tweak in ARM’s launch feature, but without the read-only setting. Each time you run Aion from ARM it will first check that file and re-set those values to 1 so that there’s no need to lock the file as read-only. The feature will be ON by default after this udpate, and works only for EU and AionLegend clients (can’t run NA Aion from ARM).