3.9 beta 5

  • Added support for EU Classic (untested)
  • AP (.ap) data is now sorted with 0-AP players at the end
  • Fix: AP (.ap) command now works in dredgion
  • Mobs list is now sorted by name
  • Major change: dps per-mob now works by checking the first and last received hits from anyone, rather than the specific dps for a given player
  • Other fixes and changes to overall dps calculation
  • AP gains from mobs and pvp are now registered in the skills window (for self)
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some graphics issues when using various monitors with different DPI settings
  • Older session files might not display dps per-mob correctly, due to the new calculation methods
  • Removed “pvp” filter, since it can’t be accurately determined just from the names in the combat log
  • Other fixes and improvements

3.9 beta 3

  • New default style: Glow
  • New: LFG Chat plugin: read LFG and Whispers while you are away, on your phone or another remote PC
  • New: “Plugins” section in the settings. LFG chat, XML data feed and LFG Items watch have been moved here
  • New: beep sound alarm for LFG Items on sale
  • Fixed: godstones (self) for classic clients
  • Fixed: many missing icons and items in the library
  • Fixed: enchant data for classic
  • Separate colors for player warnings for “bad” and “blacklist”, both in the players display and the database
  • Changes in Item library: sorted by name, item grades fixed, search by item ID
  • Raw log window: loading an amount of KB larger than the file will now load the entire file
  • Many other fixes, mostly for classic
  • Updated NA Classic data, Updated AionEmpire to 3.0
  • Removed all private servers except for EuroAion and AionEmpire

arm update

* New/Fixed: .url command will launch the last URL detected in the chat
* New: .golds command will show how many gold items each party member has looted
* Updated NA Classic 2.5 data
* Fixed: chat window item names in -trade- window
* New: “Last target” option in filers, automatically filter by the (new) last mob or boss
* Major change: combat log modifications are no longer needed, after patching your data.pak through ARM, the combat log will be restored to its original format, except for a few messages (obtained kinah/loot/ap and few others).
* Major fixes and improvements for Classic and private servers: most dots will be a lot more accurate, single-SM mode is back and enabled by default, and SM pets and servants are also recognized


  • Added item grades to item library
  • Made item library window show on top
  • Fixed extra taskbar button when hiding the main window


  • some fixes for Classic clients
  • some fixes for 8.x clients
  • New: chat window docking side setting (left/right)
  • some fixes for chat window sorting (chat/lfg etc)
  • Updated items and skills icons for 8.x clients
  • New: .url command to launch the last URL in chat

ARM Update

  • Disabled “high-load fix” for classic servers (crashes the game)
  • Added server categories to the players database, each server now has their own list. You can select -All- from the list, pick a selection of entries and right-click to assign them to a server.

3.87 update

  • Skills Window fixes:
    – Background color
    – Icons for buffs and heals
    – “Resists” tab for new session data
  • Fixed missing data in session files
  • Fixed item links for Classic servers


  • Updated NA Classic data
  • Updated retail Russian servers
  • Removed private servers:
    Aion United
    Aion Destiny
    Aion Effect