• Experimental: improvement for dot detection in private servers
  • Fixed a crash when ARM is denied write access to the client files
  • Updated all 8.x retail client data

The list of supported retail and private servers has changed:


  • Europe (Gameforge): 8.0
  • NA (NCSoft): 8.0 and classic
  • Russia (Innova/4game): 8.0.1
  • Japan (NCSoft): 8.0 and classic
  • Removed:
  • Europe PTS
  • Korea (NCSoft): 8.x and classic
  • Taiwan (NCSoft)





  • Fixed: some self buffs were not being registered in the classic NA server
  • Added: NC Japan classic server support (untested)

This update requires re-patching client data


Fix: “High-Load Fix” setting was not being saved after restart or applied between different servers