arm update 3.96 beta 4

* Expanded Gear Sets tool: you can now filter by weapon type, for example you can easily find and sort by staves with the most total Magic Boost, or Shields with the most Magic Res
* New tool: log analyzer. With this you can find from your logs how many times you killed a boss and how many times a certain item has dropped
* Fixed: some bugs in the gear sets

3.96 Beta 1

  • Updated all EU and NA clients
  • New setting: UI Scale for player boxes (enlarge the display for player info)
  • New UI Style for big displays with larger fonts etc
  • New tool (beta test phase): Gear Sets
  • Data/Session info window with some stats

With this tool you can easily compare stats between different sets, like 50 vs 55 abyss etc, and see full stats information about the entire items library. You can also use it to find the gear items with the most base or bonus magic boost for example with the Sort function, and save custom presets, as well as quickly load every possible gear set for the current client.

The new tool is only available for EU/NA Classic and EuroAion for now.

3.9 beta 5

  • Added support for EU Classic (untested)
  • AP (.ap) data is now sorted with 0-AP players at the end
  • Fix: AP (.ap) command now works in dredgion
  • Mobs list is now sorted by name
  • Major change: dps per-mob now works by checking the first and last received hits from anyone, rather than the specific dps for a given player
  • Other fixes and changes to overall dps calculation
  • AP gains from mobs and pvp are now registered in the skills window (for self)
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some graphics issues when using various monitors with different DPI settings
  • Older session files might not display dps per-mob correctly, due to the new calculation methods
  • Removed “pvp” filter, since it can’t be accurately determined just from the names in the combat log
  • Other fixes and improvements

3.9 beta 3

  • New default style: Glow
  • New: LFG Chat plugin: read LFG and Whispers while you are away, on your phone or another remote PC
  • New: “Plugins” section in the settings. LFG chat, XML data feed and LFG Items watch have been moved here
  • New: beep sound alarm for LFG Items on sale
  • Fixed: godstones (self) for classic clients
  • Fixed: many missing icons and items in the library
  • Fixed: enchant data for classic
  • Separate colors for player warnings for “bad” and “blacklist”, both in the players display and the database
  • Changes in Item library: sorted by name, item grades fixed, search by item ID
  • Raw log window: loading an amount of KB larger than the file will now load the entire file
  • Many other fixes, mostly for classic
  • Updated NA Classic data, Updated AionEmpire to 3.0
  • Removed all private servers except for EuroAion and AionEmpire

arm update

* New/Fixed: .url command will launch the last URL detected in the chat
* New: .golds command will show how many gold items each party member has looted
* Updated NA Classic 2.5 data
* Fixed: chat window item names in -trade- window
* New: “Last target” option in filers, automatically filter by the (new) last mob or boss
* Major change: combat log modifications are no longer needed, after patching your data.pak through ARM, the combat log will be restored to its original format, except for a few messages (obtained kinah/loot/ap and few others).
* Major fixes and improvements for Classic and private servers: most dots will be a lot more accurate, single-SM mode is back and enabled by default, and SM pets and servants are also recognized