• Added support for NA’s 4.5 release and the new Aethertech class, including all the new items from the 4.5 database to be used with the “.item” library tool
  • Added a link to EU siege times under the Help menu
  • Removed cheat detection*

* This needs further clarification:

Until now, ARM would often check for a few of the most popular cheating applications, if any was found to be running at the same time as ARM in your computer, ARM would shut down (and nothing else). This was to prevent ARM from running at the same time as cheating apps, as I didn’t want such people using my app. NC and GF have been telling the playerbase that stopping hackers is impossible or not feasible, that the only way is to report/investigation blah blah blah; the fact is, it’s very easy to detect if such applications are running at the same time as the game client, but NCSoft never cared about putting any effort into this. The main reason behind such lack of action to stop cheaters in Aion is very obvious: a large part of the playerbase is using these applications nowadays, if they get banned, the publisher would lose a pretty large amount of income from shop sales etc.

So let me remind you all again: the reasons we have to cope with hackers in Aion is not technical, it’s all about making more money. ARM can detect these applications easily, and so could the launcher and the game client, but they decide not to.

Add to that the corruption where the publisher is sucking up to a certain group of players (hackers) who spend a very considerable amount of money in the cash shop, and the latest decision by Gameforge to forbid any further use of applications like Exitlag to reduce the ping (again a money issue, with this move, Gameforge expects to boost their income that is otherwise lost to RMT sales, while screwing half the server population whose gameplay experience will be destroyed).

It’s time to stop trying to help a company who doesn’t care about us, and so the cheat detection in ARM is gone.


Gameforge: “European Aion is only for germans now”

The complaints are still going hot since GF decided to kill half their playerbase yesterday, becoming the laughing stock of every other publisher (as if they weren’t already anyway).




  • Added support for most of the skills with the horrendous Gameforge European client’s translation.
  • Added support for templar’s Reroute Power skill.
  • New feature in chat window: login tracker.
  • Filtering in raw log window is much faster.