Recent issues with Google/chrome flagging my website

Kinda unaware Google was recently flagging for containing “malware”, which turned out to be the syscfg editor being compressed with mpress, which seems to trigger with quite a few of the least popular (worst) antivirus as they don’t properly decompress the binaries before the analysis. If you get my exe (now compressed with UPX), unpack it, submit it to Virustotal: clean; compress it with mpress, submit: few crappy AV’s think it’s malware (some trigger with UPX as well but to a lesser extent).

After re-uploading the exe with UPX instead Google has cleared their false trigger.


2016-01-28 - 02.05.19 ~ capture

Update 2.3

  • You can now resize the window horizontally.
  • Added to links in the Help menu (check player ranks).
  • You can launch NotAion from ARM again (Tools/Run)
  • Server selection settings revamped:

You can configure 3 different clients and easily switch between EU/NA/NotAion, with each having their own client path, faction and characters names separately. You will have to enter your character names again after the update.

2016-01-24 - 12.48.42 ~ capture

2016-01-24 - 12.45.15 ~ capture


  • Added links to stigma calc and gear test (mouseclic/aspirine sites) in the Help menu
  • Added a setting (default on) to remove server names when you copy dps data (i.e Nozomi-Telem -> Nozomi)