NA pak

Previous NA.pak had yet another issue, people couldn’t enter Kata. There’s a new one up now, based on GF’s, with NA skills/mobs/npcs and the rest GF (maps, instance names, web links etc).

Install as usual through ARM. It’s barely tested so expect some issue maybe.

NA pak fixed

There was an issue with the previous pak where you couldn’t register items in the broker, it’s now fixed, simply redownload the pak through ARM again.

New NA pak is up

Updated NA data.pak to use with EU’s latest patch. Install as usual from ARM Tools/System Tools. This is the original unmodified pak from NA’s 4.7.5, so shop links etc are all from NA.

EU 4.7.1 and NA.pak

Just a reminder, your client might not work after the update until I have a new NA data.pak. If that’s the case, you can remove it directly through ARM, in the menu Tools/System Tools/Install NA Data.pak > click Remove.