Gameforge staff clueless about the game, can’t even check server logs

Got this from a friend earlier. He was simply asking for the new arena times GF specifically set after the recent update, they should know.. right? seems not.





Furthermore, they don’t even check server logs for hack reports or anything, while they claim they do, there is more than enough evidence they don’t: they always ask for screenshots and videos even for reports about insults, if you don’t send a screenshot they say they can’t do anything, but won’t admit to not having the skills to check the server logs. As it stands, 3v3 and chaos arenas are completely immune to cheaters.

We don’t have a clue“, priceless.

2013-03-14 - 20.18.01 ~ capture


Gameforge censoring the truth and silencing the players again

There was a heated debate recently over the well known lower drop rates we have in Europe compared to the US NC version, here:

Few users started posting their results matching my tests (, specially evident today with the shugo instance.

The mods as usual banned a few users and locked the thread with their usual lies and no more replies allowed: “Droprates in NA and EU are the same”.


European drop rates

Did a little test today:

I mentored an elyos char from 1 to 7 in Poeta, from the start up to the end of the zone, first in a US server, then in a Euro one (Gameforge), and looted only white and green items.

These are the results:

US: at this point I had bags full and had to skip loot for at least another 10 drops (w/g),

2013-04-23 - 04.20.18 ~ capture ~


Euro server:

2013-04-23 - 04.19.31 ~ capture ~



GF always denied having lower rates than what we had with NC and what they currently have in the US, going as far as -BANNING- users in the forums who even suggest otherwise, with reasons like “spreading lies about gameforge”, and then threatening with closing your game account if you insist. But here you have it, downright facts. Gameforge behave like a dictatorship or mafia, silencing users and abusing their Euro presence to rake in on users’ misery.

It’s really sad to see our beloved game in the hands of these parasites, destroying the game in Europe bit by bit.




Gameforge: “we make money from bots and hackers so we don’t ban them”

2013-04-22 - 12.51.51 ~ capture


which means something like

5. On Private server they can ban bots and cheaters because they don’t make money with the customers, but we make money so we cant ban the bots and cheaters.

Gameforge “3.9” patch: worst move ever

Gameforge redefined the word fail with yesterday’s update. To everyone’s shock, they screwed up even worse than anyone could ever imagine or expect.
You are a shame to all European gamers and videogame companies, you put this region to shame.


  • Live stream event was a bullshit facade full of lies and avoiding all questions. The project lead/manager didn’t even know half the basic things about the game, “I’ll have to ask that”, “ehh I don’t know”, “I’m not sure..”
  • We still didn’t get level 60 rifting
  • We still didn’t get a normal FTS
  • We still can’t socket armors
  • We still can’t use blue manastones
  • Instance that should be 12h became 46h (for subscription users, 112h for others)
  • Tons of bugs and misstranslations, maps in game are even in Korean
  • Noone has an idea of “new” arena times, if they were even changed (we have 4 hours less than US)


amongst other crap they pulled

Congratulations GF, you beat everyone’s expecations on how much you could fail with this.

Can you imagine what they’ll pull with 4.0? :D

European FTS is a success (not)

So FTS finally arrived to Europe, with no exp bonus. Bots will rejoice now, total freedom to farm.

12:27:48: You->x: i wanted to level my sm with fts
12:27:57: You->x: but we have it nerfed, no double exp like US
12:28:10: x: Yeah and it’s lonely. :(
12:28:42: x: It’s like being deaf and blind… another server even. :(