Lost in translation

Ever wondered what all the mentally handicapped people spamming other languages in group chat are saying? fret no more, ARM is here to help.

Added “.gt” in-game command. This can be used in 2 ways:

  • “.gt blah blah” this will open google translate with “blah blah” in your browser with Auto->English
  • “.gt” this will open the GT again but with the last 5 lines found in the chat (group/ally/say etc, except for whispers/lfg)




Some changes to the EU automatic login option:

Holding CTRL before starting the client (from ARM) has this effect:

  • If Aion is already running, it will still use the login/pass (else it won’t, to avoid getting 1st client dc’ed)
  • If Aion is not running, it won’t use the login