• Fixed a random crash when closing ARM
  • Added support for Glory Points (NA)
  • Added a “solo mode” for the G15/G510 applet (Logitech keyboards LCD)

App Update

  • Added HotKey for session upload window (.upload)
  • Added HotKey for items library window (.item)
  • Added “custom hotkeys” to the full list of hotkeys and removed custom ones
  • Merged the stats for “mobs” and “kills” displayed on the status bar into “kills”
  • Added HP/GP points (only for EU until next update) to the status bar (click on it to switch between exp/kills/ap/kinah etc)
  • Removed the variable $mobs$ from UI styles design
  • Added the variable $hpgp$ to UI styles design to show your Honor/Glory Points
  • Added a UI mode for the main UI style to show your Honor/Glory Points
  • Fixed: EXP gain from Tower of Challenge is now processed (not sure what’s the name in NA)
  • Sessions in “My Sessions” window now show the latest uploads on top

Update 2.8

  • Fixed Summon Whirlwind skill for combat logs where damage numbers are like “1 234” with a space
  • Fixed an issue with “.item” command not giving focus to the popup window
  • Added a Bookmarks feature to the item library
  • Added a local log of uploaded sessions in Tools/My Session Uploads. You can launch these sessions in the browser by double-clicking on them
  • Added an option to save the session file after a successful upload to Aionpveranks
  • Added an in-game command “.upload” to bring up the session upload window
  • The selected charname in the upload window will be remembered until ARM is restarted
  • Changed the “Aion database” link under the Help menu to Aioncodex.com
  • Added an in-game command “.codex” to launch an item search at Aioncodex.com in the browser
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries
  • Some other bug fixes

Please use the forum to report any issues: https://rainy.ws/forum/

Session saving and logs:


Item bookmarks

Aioncodex.com search:


Update and new NA pak

  • Moved Kroban’s cannon dmg to player “Unknown” for EU client
  • Updated items database (.item or tools/items db)
  • Updated magic supp tables (.mss)
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the chat window

New NA data.pak available in the downloads page.