Fix for last update

ARM not working since last update? You will need to reinstall (settings won’t be lost), go to the download page and get the full installer, it includes a couple DLLs you are missing for the new version to work (OpenSSL libraries required to download version file from a different server that needs SSL)

Gameforge rip-off (again)

So GF put up the 100% supps in the shop again, check the prices:


NA price: 479 coins = 4,2 euro
GF price: 399 coins = 25 euro

GF is charging 6 times more, for the most outdated and incomplete version of Aion out of all the publishers (every other region has been on 4.5 for a while, and didn’t remove all the things GF did, like FTS, drop rates, and many other things).


  • Fixed “Syncopated Echo” skill for Bard.
  • Fixed some bard and sm skills for EU client.
  • Added “.google ” command, to launch a browser search from in-game (“.google anything”).
  • Removed “.online” command (didn’t work for a while anyway).