• Added support for Bogyguarded hits on the received damage tab.
  • Added support for sm’s “Aegis Breaker” dot.


  • Fixed an issue with the setup process where it failed to enable chatlog if there was no write access to the Aion folder.
  • Sys config editor tool has also been updated with the fix.


  • Fixed some issues with 3.0 skills recognition.
  • Updated telemachus hacker warning list.
  • Updated hacker scripts detection patterns.


Couple fixes for 1.3

  • Skills window didn’t refresh the lower pane correctly
  • Copying skills from skills window didn’t include the resisted/blocked skills for counters


Major update in this version, so a  jump in the numbers is needed :)

You won’t see much new stuff, but there’s a lot changed in the code. It hasn’t been tested by anyone but me, so consider this a beta with possible bugs.

  • Fixed: 3.0 client launch from ARM caused the house scripts and some other minor things not to work, this is fixed now.
  • Reduced memory usage by 30-40%.
  • Added Data/”Reprocess data including mobs”. This does the same as if you enable mobs/bosses and load/process current session from the capture tool, in one click.
  • Made the number separator unique for everyone. f.e 1,234 would look different depending on everyone’s regional settings, like “1 024”, “1$024” for chinese and other weird stuff; it will be “,” now for every user.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Major change: added “counters”. You will see new skills in the skill list window, showing when mobs or opponents block your attacks, with either blocks (shield), skin type shields, evades, parries, and spell resists. You can filter these out easily as well as quickly show only those.

You can also view all the damage you’ve taken, from who, with what skills, what spells you resisted and what attacks you blocked etc.
There is also a brief resume with some stats like block rate %. All these new details will also be included in new saved/loaded session files.

1.2 Build 8350

  • Fixed some things related to EU 3.0 launch
  • Completed 3.0 chanter skill set support
  • Fixed some crashes when loading older session files
  • Added 3.0 siege times for EU servers

2nd Update (click Help/Redownload if you need this)

  • Fixed: issue with main window location after restart in some monitor setups.

build 8305

  • Fixed “.online” command, since aioninfo.com website changed their layout etc earlier.
  • Added a check for Aion running in full-screen mode, a warning will be raised on startup.
  • Added player search (.ps or right-click) for US server Kahrun.

New website

I’ve moved the website from the .tk domain to www.rainy.ws after they somehow blocked the domain due to “abuse/infringement”. Seems like they cancel sites that get decent traffic to put their own ads etc, what bs..



So please spread the word and tell everyone about the new URL, since users unaware of it will never get a notification about new versions being available. You have to redownload and re-install ARM from here to get notifications about updates.

Shouldn’t run into this issue again since I paid for the .ws (~10 euro/y), whereas the TK always belonged to them as it was for free.

build 8300

  • Fixed commands “.armory” and “.item”, sometimes it would cut the first character of the search term.
  • Added “.online” in-game command, it will show you the amount of online users in your server (for Europe only), gathered from http://aioninfo.com/. You can also click on the popup to go to the website.