Separate system.cfg editor

I’ve released a separate little app solely for editing the Aion system.cfg file (you can improve video performance through some of the settings there).

It was included in ARM as an additional tool, but it will be no longer included from the next version, for further compliance with the Aion Terms of Use, should they deem ARM as a bannable 3rd party tool due to its capability to edit the client settings.

There has been no statement however about this, only a couple posts from a clueless forum moderator who’s not even part of the paid staff: (while he’s actually breaking the ToS himself by using voice packs that don’t belong to the publisher, quite the hypocrisy -.- )

Other posts from a different mod however always said there is no issue with this and they aren’t banning anyone over using the meter.

But just in case and to be even safer from false claims about ARM breaking the terms of use, the editor part has been removed.


(Note. some users claim a noticeable performance increase by changing the video_MODEL_CACHE from 3 (default) to 0. I tried it myself but didn’t really notice any change)

Aliens stole some memory and doublebuffering!

Hi, here’s another update, 0.99 beta, almost there!

It looks like aliens somehow stole the doublebuffering in the main window, so you might have noticed some heavy flickering in sieges and some other graphical glitches. It seems they also managed to get away with some memory, so you might have experienced some memory leaks while loading sessions.

No panic though, we catched them all and the issues are fixed.

In the meantime, I made also some major speed improvements in the parsing core and my custom XML library, resulting in extremelly faster loading/saving of sessions and processing of log files. I tested with my largest siege file with 717 players and 3 million lines, the processing time was lowered from ~2:30 minutes to .. 7-8 seconds, now that’s an improvement :D

Added also some hints in the menus about their associated in-game commands like .dmg .ap etc

Also half-fixed: player search for US servers; it seems the old website is no longer working and I hadn’t noticed. However.. it won’t be filtered by server for now, just a quick fix. It seems the new website doesn’t allow starting a direct search filtered by server, but instead it filters the results after the initial search through a json/ajax query and modifies the page in-place without reloading; so it needs some additional work, it’ll be ready for 1.0.

Wooops ^^

I messed something up in the last update; there’s a function call that results in a crash on start-up. The issue happens if Aion is not running when you start the meter.. my bad for not testing it properly ( I only checked with Aion running).

If you are getting the error in the screenshot below, just redownload the full installer here: I already fixed it and uploaded the patched version.

0.98 beta

Approaching stable relase 1.0, here’s a new beta:

  • Added a warning when you edit system.cfg if Aion is still running (needs to be closed first)
  • Fixed a bug in the chat tab, where shouts appeared as “houts”
  • Added an option File/Save RAW to save the current session raw logfile
  • Updated hacker lists in various servers, and hack app detection code
  • Added some checks to avoid sandboxing of ARM to maybe try to avoid hack detection
  • Moved some of the menu options from Tools to File
  • Default style has been set to “Cobalt XE”. You can change this in Settings/Visual style
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the new visual styles
  • Added a check when you open ARM, if Aion is running in a language other than English it will give a warning
  • Added a check when trying to run x64 Aion, warns you if you aren’t on a x64 windows
  • Added a check, when starting ARM it gives a warning if chat.log is not enabled
  • Fixed an issue with alpha blending transparency setting not being remembered after restart
  • Fixed some issues in the “all damage” and Damage Profiler areas, the damage was incorrect sometimes
  • Removed Fire-cannon from AP data copy

Reminder about french/german support


I’m getting lots of requests again to add support for french and german clients. Unfortunately, this needs a lot more work than I’m willing to put; rather than simply translating skills and words for recognition, the format of the log is vastly different for each language. ARM doesn’t use any kind of regex, the parsing is a large complex block of code and subroutines handling many kind of special cases, on a per-class basis and with some background analyzing post previous recognition. The result is an extremelly fast and accurate parsing, much more than any other Aion meter around :) (f.e ARM handles 700-800 players in siege without freezing or any delays, while others like KDM will choke). So adding support for other language clients requires a lot of work.

Besides that issue, I don’t really like or support having games and media on the net in different languages, and believe there is no need to waste time and efforts into that, while we have an internationally accepted standard, English.

I have to note however.. and maybe some people aren’t aware of this, you can still run the English Aion client while playing in french and german servers, just pick the language in the client launcher.

Looking for a US account to borrow for 3.0 updates


I’d like to ask for someone to let me access a free US account with at least some lvl 50-55 chars with different classes, so that I can update ARM with the new 3.0 skills and check for any changes in the log to make sure everything’s working correctly. Since I play in EU servers I never had a US account, and it looks like we won’t be seeing 3.0 with Gameforge until at least summer.

Use the contact form if you can help me someway :)

Small update to 0.97 beta

Removed “.kill” in-game command

This command was used to close the aion client while in-game. It was very useful since NC introduced the 10-second delay while closing the client, cause often the game bugged not letting me relog chars, and closing the game through normal means had no effect, so I was forced to terminate the process through the task manager. However, this could be easily associated with force-logging, so I am removing the feature for further compliance with NC/GF terms of use.

You can still close it through the menu, which isn’t much different than using task manager. (If they would ban the tool for this, they might as well ban the entire Windows operating system for letting you close the process through task manager etc when it freezes or causes any trouble).

Is enabling chat.log allowed?

A lot of new users seem to be worried about this the most, is this tool allowed to be used?

Since it is using only the chat.log file generated by the client, there is nothing unsafe with using this tool. It doesn’t read client memory or network data, it doesn’t interact with the client in any way while it’s running, it doesn’t gather any info other than what you already see on screen in the chat tabs, and none of its features is associated with any form of cheating.

There was an ~official statement today in the Gameforge forums about using the chat.log: